LeAnn & Eddie Shows LeAnn Rimes Being A “Real” Housewife, Does Not Show Eddie Cibrian Bashing Brandi Glanville

Eddie Cibrian LeAnn Rimes

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes have one semi-reality show under their belts – and now they’re reality TV experts? Apparently so!

Eddie and LeAnn recently shared their Do’s and Don’ts of Reality TV with the world. I guess one does not need actual viewers to become an expert, because only 374,000 watched the premiere of LeAnn & Eddie. But, hey! Famewhores everywhere thank them for the survival list!

When asked why they chose to do a reality show, LeAnn shared, “We wanted to be home with the kids. That is one of the reasons we explored this whole world. This is us taking our lives back, in a way.” Translation: reality TV is easy money for very little work or effort.  


“We wanted to work together,” added Eddie. “When we sat down and took stock of everything that’s happened over the last five years – it’s been a one-sided story. If we scripted this, it would be an incredible sitcom. This show is a satire of what has happened in our lives.”

LeAnn & Eddie’s Do’s and Don’ts

1) DO set up boundaries and decide what’s fair game and what’s not.

In other words, no kids. “There’s no point and no benefit for the kids to be on any kind of show,” insisted Eddie. “They’re never on camera.”

2) DON’T act normal. Just be normal.

“I am actually a real housewife,” snarked LeAnn. As opposed to all those fake housewives on those Bravo shows? The shade!

“I am a housewife,” continued LeAnn. “When I’m home, I cook. I do housewife-y things. I love to go on RealSimple.com and pick up a recipe and hang out in the grocery store for hours. I go home and have a glass of wine and cook.” Grocery store for hours = Paparazzi opportunities for hours! 

“You do see how we are as a couple,” promised LeAnn. Oh. Goody.

3) DON’T airbrush your reality to the point where it stinks of fakery.

As producers, Eddie and LeAnn decide what we see, but Eddie said they put it all out there for our viewing pleasure.

One particular episode was hard for LeAnn. Poor LeAnn. “Eddie is making a decision of whether or not to take a job,” she shared. “He’s really given up a lot of work to be home with his kids, and there’s something that’s really emotional about that for me.”

4) DO have fun, and keep it as classy as possible.

“Just enjoy it,” advised LeAnn. “We got to work with our parents and friends. It was fun to be able to interact with them. My mom is hysterical. His parents are Cuban. My mom is Southern. Everyone seems to get along.”

LeAnn & Eddie was supposed to be six episodes, short and sweet, but Eddie claimed VH1 asked for more. I’m sure they’re regretting now! “We could cut some embarrassing moments,” Eddie said about bathroom humor, “but we kept them in.” 

5) DON’T talk smack about bothersome people.

Eddie went on to say he would not say anything or do anything that would embarrass his kids. Too bad their mom is Brandi Glanville. #Hypocrite #DrunkDating #StringsAttached #LittleF–ker #BrandiBlunders #PlanetTrash

“It’s not invasive. It’s not exploitative. It’s not train-wreck TV,” said Eddie. “If it’s within the story line we’re talking about, you get to see how we would deal with it. That’s really it. There’s no malicious attacks.”

LeAnn added, “Nothing that we say about ourselves, or others, is untrue. We wanted people to laugh with us. They’ve been laughing at us for a long time.”

Um, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never found this dysfunctional trio to be all that humorous. To each their own. I, for one, will not be watching LeAnn & Eddie. If they’re not going to poke fun at Brandi, what’s the point? I’m kidding! Just too many reality shows and too little time!


Photo Credit: WENN.com