Tamra Barney Denies Marital Problems; Says Real Housewives Of Orange County Is Breaking Her Spirit!


Some kinda conspiracy is happening in Real Housewives of Orange County land!

After a tabloid story emerged claiming Tamra Judge and Eddie Judge are headed for divorce, Tamra lashed out on Facebook, denying marital troubles and accusing another cast member of making up the story. She previously accused Bravo of deleting and editing her RHOC blog about this week’s episode! Say huh. 

Eddie has been asked to attend the reunion show every year for the past 4 years and he ALWAYS says ‘NO Thank You,'” Tamra wrote. “Its just not his thing….. another reason why I love you so much baby, you can give two s–ts about TV life.” Then why do a spinoff?!


As for who’s responsible for the lie, Tamra doesn’t name names but drops hints. “I know exactly what cast member put that story out there and to her I say …. ‘I hope that you find your happiness one day, there is nothing like being with the love of your life and waking up to your soulmate every morning’ ‪#‎blessed‬”

My bets are that she’s referring to Shannon Beador. I would say Vicki Gunvalson, but based on where the story originated they never put out positive press about Vickster, and she doesn’t seem to have a relationship with them. That said, however, Tamra and Vicki apparently had a massive blowout at the reunion and Tamra has been calling Vicki a backstabber all season after Vicki defended Shannon, called Tamra out on her BS, blamed her for the Brooks/Briana debacle, and warned newbie Lizzie Rovsek about Tamra’s two-faced ways. 

Moving on, to Tamra’s second post. She and Eddie are finally going on that honeymoon! And it seems Tamra, who claims her drama makes the show, is threatening to quit! 

“One more day till paradise. I’m so over the stress of the show and what it’s doing to my spirit. I can’t wait to spend time with my husband and not think about unnecessary drama,” Tamra complains.

“2014 has been a hard year for me. God is testing me, teaching me, Making me stronger . I need positive energy. There are people wanting me to fail, pushing me to fail! But I have to be stronger. You can only hurt me if I let you and I’m ready to be strong again.” Tamra is currently embroiled in a custody dispute with ex-husband Simon, and she openly offended boss Andy Cohen on a recent WWHL appearance where she accused him of paying her to cause problems. She also seems to be drinking a wee bit too much as evidenced by the previews for next week’s episode. 

In conclusion, Tamra and Eddie are in luuurve! “Eddie thank you for being so level headed and being there for me everyday. I love you so much,” Tamra ends. Or maybe her next spinoff can be Tamra’s Second OC Divorce… 

Here’s where things get even more interesting – it seems Tamra has since deleted her Facebook account entirely. 

Tamra also is having issues with production all over the place – she claims Lizzie was fine with Tamra missing her birthday party, but then pretended to be upset. Perhaps after Vicki told Lizzie Tamra didn’t want to go?

She posted texts verifying that Tamra and Lizzie discussed Tamra’s last-minute cancellation and were in a good place until Lizzie mysteriously got annoyed. 

Altogether very intriguing! 

tamra-lizzie-texts-1Lizzie confirming that she’s not upset with Tamra

tamra-lizzie-texts-2More of Tamra and Lizzie’s conversation

tamra-lizzie-texts-photoLizzie and Vicki on the party bus

tamra-lizzie-texts-3Tamra and Lizzie texts continued. 

[Photo Credit: Instagram]