Tamra Barney Calls Vicki Gunvalson An Ass-Kisser This Season; Says David Beador Backs Her Up On Shannon Twisting Words?


Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County was another dinner party from hell and  Tamra Judge headed off to NYC to defend herself and the events of the evening on Watch What Happens Live.  The reality star swears she didn’t do anything wrong as she reacted to questions from Andy and the show’s fans. 

Andy jumps right in to share with Tamra the fans’ reactions toward her on Twitter tonight after the episode.   “Tamra, you’re getting roasted on Twitter.”  She retorts, “Good, I’m doing my job then.”  When Andy asks if she’s been reading them she says “No, I don’t really get into the whole Twitter..” Andy laughs, not buying it. 

Andy mentions that Vicki Gunvalson is a whole a new person this season, sitting by and not jumping into the drama.   Tamra throws shade with a “no comment” face and eye roll. 

Andy says “I’ve gotta ask about your white eyeliner you’ve been wearing in your interview pieces, it’s very crazy!” Tamra explained, “my normal makeup artist was busy that day, so they had somebody else I didn’t even know come in. So it was one interview, it lasted two hours.  I must’ve been really good that day…”  (because they’ve used so many clips from it).  “It was horrible.”

Andy gives Tamra the floor, letting her share anything she wants to clear up about tonight’s episode: “First of all, Terry would never call me and say ‘take the Beadors down’, it’s not like he’s mafia or something.  Shannon tends to get things lost in translation, kind of like the whole ‘she threw me out of her house and had evil in her eyes’, I think Heather said ‘it’s time for you to leave’.  She kind of switched things up.  Did I say that? No. ” 

Andy asks “what about Vicki saying that you did say it?”  Tamra, “Vicki’s an ass-kisser this year.” She snips,  “Vicki doesn’t want any drama. She wants to sit back and stay out of the drama.”  She continues,  “What you didn’t see was me asking David, ‘David, did you ever hear me say that? Did you ever hear me say ‘take the Beadors down’ and he said ‘no’, but that was cut.”  Hopefully David and Shannon will weigh on in this mess after seeing Tamra’s appearance tonight on WWHL! 

When a caller asks why Tamra is a troublemaker this year, she says “I’d like to rephrase the question..am I trouble maker or am I just making the show worth watching?”  Andy says “earlier you said it’s your job, (trouble making) but really your job is to be yourself.”  Tamra replies, “yes, and I am myself. ”  Andy asks, “so are you a trouble maker?”  She says, “yes.  But the thing is, Shannon went into the party wanting to know this information. It’s not like she didn’t think it was going to cause drama, because it clearly did.  She totally blindsided me with a question that I had no idea what she was talking about.  So of course I’m like ‘what the hell is she smoking?'” 

Tamra says her friendship with Heather Dubrow right now is great.  On her friendship with Vicki right now, she confesses “I’m hurt by Vicki right now.”

Andy says a ton of questions are coming in about Tamra’s face – has she done something? An eye lift, face lift, something?   Tamra says “nothing. zero.”  Andy says “I feel like I’m looking at some fillers.”  Tamra swears she hasn’t and feels her face and asks Andy “Where?” and he says “you tell me!”  She says “I mean come on, I’m honest!!”  (and they both laugh).   Tamra jokes around about lying, etc.  She finally admits to a little filler in cheeks. 

Note to the Real Housewives: back away from the freaking fillers!!!!!!!!  I just don’t think they realize how carried away they get.  I’d rather look at their wrinkles and sagging skin any day of the week, it’s a natural and normal part of aging! STOP THE MADNESS!!!  Nobody wants to stare at the puffy and distorted cheeks, lips, eyes, etc! It’s uncomfortable. 

A caller asks why Tamra discussed the drama at the dinner table.  “Shannon brought it up.”  Andy, “but you brought it up to the larger group. ”  Tamra: “I brought it up to Terry because I was just kinda like my head was spinning like ‘really?’  I came to this party and that’s the first thing Shannon hit me with. So I was just kind of thrown back.  Terry has never been somebody to be confrontational so I didn’t expect him to say what he said. I was just kind of thrown. I didn’t know where it came from.”

Andy read a Tweet from Vicki that said that she and Tamra are like sisters and sisters fight sometimes.  Tamra says she hopes that’s what it is because she felt like every episode she sees Vicki saying something nasty about her. “I came into the season trying to be accepting of Brooks and if he made her happy then I was happy for her.  Anyway, we’ll talk about it at the reunion.”


 Photo credit: Twitter