Lizzie Rovsek Calls Tamra Barney Out For Twisting The Truth And Manipulating People!

lizzie is hurt by tamra's lies

Lizzie Rovsek has been shown Tamra Judge‘s unimpeachable character true colors and they are as murky as the sea is deep. This week Lizzie and Tamra started what promises to be an epic battle as Lizzie called Tamra out on lying and backstabbing. Tamra, of course, denied it. 

Lizzie reveals that the drama was even more intense than what was shown by Real Housewives of Orange County cameras and we’re in for an even wilder ride! 

“After my birthday and the Valentine’s party I was very apprehensive about going on this trip. But hey, I am going to make the most of it and do my best to have a good time. Things did not end well at the end of the night of the Valentine’s party,” Lizzie reminds us. “When I saw everyone at the airport I thought maybe everything is going to be OK.”



Once in Bali, things continued to be peaceful – briefly. And Lizzie felt even better after cozying up to fellow Tamra victim Shannon Beador. “I felt very comfortable talking to Shannon, and it honestly felt good to talk to someone that cared where I was coming from. My feelings were hurt. I needed to vent.”

“That night when we all had dinner and drinks out by the water I did not plan to talk about my birthday,” Lizzie maintains. “Somehow Danielle brought up the ‘dumb and dumber’ comment. Here we go. . .And now Tamra is chiming in, ready to fight. How quickly she came in and made this an argument about something it wasn’t. WOW, she’s good! Look at how quickly she flipped that whole thing on me?”

Lizzie explains, from her perspective, what happened at her birthday party. 

“I want to make this very clear to everyone: I WAS NEVER MAD AT TAMRA FOR NOT COMING TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY. I NEVER SAID I THOUGHT SHE LIED ABOUT HER DAUGHTER BEING SICK. Were my feelings hurt that she didn’t care enough to let me know on time? Yes, absolutely. I was very disappointed by many things on the night of my birthday, but was I mad at Tamra? NO!”

Lizzie continues,”What I got upset about was that when I confronted her about my birthday she quickly got so defensive and turned it on me. Huh? I DID text her the night of my birthday and Vicki and I sent her a picture of us in the limo. She did say, ‘Where are your pants?‘ We were playing around. I was NEVER mad at her. My feelings were hurt, yes, but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my night.”

Lizzie clarifies that she and Tamra were apparently arguing over two different text messages in Bali. “In this particular conversation, I was referring to the last text I got from her saying that she felt left out. After that I had not responded and she did not contact me the next day. However she texted Danielle, told her how sorry she felt for me and also made fun of my dress. And after tonight’s episode, I now know she was making fun of my dress to Heather, too. Sweet!”

“I don’t study text messages so I can figure out loopholes to screw people over,” Lizzie chides. “Who remembers texts word-for-word? She was clearly looking for a fight.”

“Another side note here, Vicki was NOT the only one that told me Tamra could have came to the party if she wanted and Vicki was NOT the only person that warned me about Tamra.”

Lizzie reveals that it wasn’t just the birthday she was upset about – it was a pattern of Tamra’s behavior. Including that her other party got destroyed by Tamra and Heather’s shenanigans. “I think I have been very cool about a lot of things. I let a lot of insults roll off my back. My dinner party at the beach house was a disaster, but I never got mad at anyone! I had a birthday party, that obviously no one wanted to come to, and up until I started hearing more and more things about people talking about me behind my back, I really didn’t say or do much about it. I was humiliated on my birthday night. I was so embarrassed.”

Lizzie also discusses lashing out at her husband. “There were many disappointments that night that no one ever saw. I got in a big fight with Christian and my birthday night ended in tears. I am not proud of how I acted at the end of the night on my birthday. I acted as awful and as ugly as I felt inside. I totally admit it. I was just so hurt and embarrassed and everyone kept reminding me that Tamra could have been there, but she just didn’t want to go.”

“You didn’t get to see the majority of the party but it was a BIG disappointment. My husband really let me down on my birthday too. There is no excuse for how I acted, but hey it was a long night, there was drinking involved, and I was so, so hurt and humiliated.”

Back to Bali, Lizzie is flummoxed by how Tamra handled their disagreement. “It takes a lot to get me really upset and somehow this Tamra person has done it! I am not proud of opening up to Shannon about all the things Tamra had told me about her, but I SNAPPED! A lightbulb totally went off in my head and it all started to make sense. She acted like Shannon’s best friend, so concerned and sweet. She let her confide in her and then bashed her behind her back. And lo and behold, the bitch just did the SAME thing to me! Are you kidding me?”

“It wasn’t right what she did to Shannon, and it’s not right what she is doing to me,” Lizzie continues. “I feel very bad that I never really gave Shannon a chance. I didn’t invest in a relationship with her. To be quite honest, I thought she was crazy with all her outbursts. I am totally starting to get it now — because I’m starting to have the outbursts too! It’s infuriating to get a story twisted on you and to have words put into your mouth.”

But unlike Shannon, Lizzie is done letting Tamra slide. “Shag, Marry, Kill. It’s interesting to hear Tamra tell her re enactment of the game,” Lizzie says, adding that Tamra desperately wanted to play the game until she realized no one wanted to shag her including Eddie. 

“After the game I said to Tamra, ‘Why didn’t you just tell me earlier you weren’t going to be at my birthday? I was so embarrassed that night. It would have saved me so much humiliation.” She quickly became mad, defensive, and extremely rude. Her reply, in so many words, was that didn’t call me on my birthday on purpose, to cause drama.” Lizzie says she rebutted with Eddie choosing her to marry. And that Eddie never elected to make Lizzie his “shag”. 

After Lizzie’s comment,”Tamra, got up threw her jacket on went to the door and repeated (yes repeated the words) ‘Marry you?!’ and called me a psycho while storming off. Eddie calmly said goodbye to everyone, including Christian and myself, and left.”

“Did I call her out?” Lizzie admits “Yes, 100 percent. And I gotta be honest, I was proud of myself. She was being very rude to me and I called her out. I almost couldn’t believe it myself.”

“I think Tamra was so caught off-guard that I called her out that she had no option other than turning the situation around on me. I’m seeing a pattern here, aren’t you? Tamra got bent out of shape over the game, then she got really rude, and so I called her on it. And honest to God, I said the word ‘marry.’ I said it on purpose.”

“Just an opinion here, but if you are going to play Shag, Marry, Kill with your friends you only have one of three options. If any of those options upset you, why play? At this point, I’m just annoyed that we can’t get my insult right. I wasn’t particularly being nice and I did reach out the next day and acknowledge the situation and try to be the bigger person. I am sweet, but I can also be quite ballsy. I guess you could say I was starting to see the light.”

Lizzie warns us that next week, things get crazy. 

[Photo Credit: Bravo]