Teresa Giudice Is Disgusted By Jim Marchese Comments And Behavior!

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Teresa Giudice is trying to be a different Tre on this season’s Real Housewives of New Jersey. Which means, sadly, no table flips or country club freak outs. And it also doesn’t mean she’s immune from drama!

New housewife Amber Marchese has dived right in with both Louboutins and is starting drama left and right – and it’s not just Amber, it’s also her husband Jim! Last week Jim shared that he did not feel comfortable socializing with Joe and Teresa because they were indicted for mortgage fraud and he is in the mortgage industry. There’s also some confusing information about whether or not he works with the prosecutor who is prosecuting Juicy. 

In this week’s episode Jim argued with Joe Gorga about why he was avoiding the Juicys, and Teresa is speaking out about how Jim’s comments have been hurtful and uncalled for. 


“I don’t blame Amber for the things her husband says, but they were hurtful and sort of insane coming from HIM,” Teresa begins.  

“First of all, he admitted his opinion of me and Joe was completely formed from ‘the news’ about us. That’s a really shallow way to live, especially for someone who was making his own news before RHONJ was ever on the air,” Teresa adds, referring to Jim’s former role as a whistleblower.

“I don’t believe everything I read. I keep an open mind and try and make my opinions after I meet someone based on their actions toward me personally. (Newsflash: my opinion after meeting him based on his interactions with me and my family was very, very low.),” Teresa states. Agreed! 

Finally Teresa finds it laughable that Jim holds himself in such a high esteem. “Second, Jim Marchese claims he can’t be at the same location as my husband because it would hurt his mortgage business? Is he serious? That would be baloney for anyone, but coming from THIS GUY?”

Well Teresa … reality TV is full of um… really, really interesting people! 

Of course, no Teresa anything is complete without a Melissa Gorga jab! “I can’t believe that Melissa would tell the twins what Amber said since she just met the twins and she’d been friends with Amber for ten years,” Teresa adds. Admitting that she too is easily wooed! Hence – how she married Juicy. “I’m starting to believe the twins can hypnotize people they just met into telling them things.”

C’mon TeresaMelissa and Amber weren’t friends – Melissa didn’t even know Amber had The Cancer. 

[Photo Credit: Bravo]