Amber Marchese Defends Jim Marchese “When You Know Him, You Love Him”


Amber Marchese was a guest on Watch What Happens Live tonight, alongside actor David Arquette.  Amber dished on tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Amber defends her husband Jim Marchese from Dina Manzo saying on tonight’s episode that his level of douche was equivalent to the size of a whale’s vagina.  “I don’t think she knows my husband well enough.  She never gave him the chance or the time of day. When you know him, you love him.” 

Co-guest David Arquette remarks that the way Jim was talking down to the ladies wasn’t cool.  Amber says “you have to understand I was just attacked downstairs and we come upstairs and they’re like all trying to come at him.” 

David then tells her that Jim’s talking head interview where he spews about being a lawyer and will sue and take people down, blah blah, “also not a good look,” he says.   I love David Arquette.  But then he adds “he seems like a sweet enough guy but..” and Amber jumps in with “but watch out, he’ll sue you.”  Awkward.  She seems to be the only one who finds it funny. 

Andy asks for Amber’s thoughts on her co-stars. 

On Melissa: “backstabber”

On Teresa G: “powerful, strong woman:

On Nicole: “Shakespearean tragedy”

On Dina: “Kinda zen, but kinda not liking her right now”

On Teresa A.: “Miserable”

Andy then plays that god-awful speech Jim gave in his talking head tonight about suing people and bleeding them dry financially and deposing them for 8 hours, blah blah.  He tells Amber that Jim got roasted on Twitter tonight and asks if there’s anything she’d like to say.  “I think it was just a very heated moment, he just watched me get attacked and everyone was coming at him at the same time.  He was watching Bobby sitting on the side and not doing a damn thing.  And he also knew he was in that position because of Bobby, because of twisting his words around.  and exaggerating the reasons my husband said for not going to bowling night. It was a little over the top and it was just overheated and it just wasn’t a good situation for him.  We just wanted to get the hell out of there.  We couldn’t find my keys. ”  She never really addresses the scathing lawsuit comments. 

A caller asks if it’s such a problem for Jim to be around Joe Giudice “legally”, then why come on the show?? “because this was my dream and my husband was just supporting me. He wanted to make me happy, he’s just that good of a husband. Originally he thought he could separate just hanging out with me and doing scenes with the family and the children versus being amongst the guys.”

The next caller asks about what Amber would’ve done if it was Nicole telling Melissa Gorga that SHE (Amber) was a home-wrecker, according to gossip.  Amber says she would’ve just wanted to have a discussion about it with Nicole. 

Andy says that he got a lot of Tweets asking why Amber couldn’t just own what she said about Nicole since it was right there on camera, she says she did admit that she said it.  “If Nicole would’ve just approached me in a more diplomatic manner, I would’ve apologized up and down and said I’m sorry.  But that’s not how she handled it.”

Another caller asks Amber “How do you think you and Jim have been received so far and be honest.”  “I think I’m at 5o/50 and I really had a very healthy understanding of that possibility, but I don’t think Jim’s being received very well at all.  I know he’s polarizing, I get that because he is firm in what he believes and he’s very passionate and that’s what you guys are seeing.”

Andy’s poll results shocked Amber – 81% of those voting were team Melissa.  


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