Lizzie Rovsek Gives Her Side On The RHOC Vs Tamra Judge


Things are getting complicated on the Real Housewives of Orange County. In this complicated game of telephone, there is really only one thing you know for sure. Tamra Judge has had a lot to say about all the ladies. Now, with any game of telephone, stories tend to be taken out of context. Things really seem to blow up when the ladies talk to each other and compare stories. And one of the most vocal has been rookie Lizzie Rovsek.

Lizzie recently called Tamra a s**tstirrer, but she has now moved on to calling her a flat-out liar. And if you watched the episode last night in Bali, you saw that Lizzie was the catalyst to the ladies confronting Tamra about her actions. Leading Tamra to literally run away from the dinner table, leaving Lizzie with a lot more to say.


“Never in my life have I known anyone like Tamra. It’s apparent that she seriously has it out for me. Her interview bites are just appalling to me. It’s one thing to get upset and say something in the heat of the moment, but to be that ugly on a daily basis and to say such vulgar things about another woman is so tacky to me. Happiness comes from within and I don’t see Tamra as a happy person. I really do think that with the birthday debacle, she could have really taken that and been the bigger person and just said, “Gee, Lizzie, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.” And for the record, she has never apologized. I feel like she’s running with a burning hot coal. It seems like she is taking the “Shag, Marry, Kill” game to the bank and has been repeating her alleged story over and over again to convince herself (and everyone else that I said something I didn’t). There is only one story, and that is the truth.”

Personally I think they both need to get over the Valentine’s Day game of Shag, Marry, Kill. They are both missing one key component, whether Tamra’s husband, Eddie, said he wanted to shag or marry Lizzie, it is irrelevant. IT IS A GAME! Tamra seems to be showing her insecurity by dwelling on what was said in the middle of a drunken game. And speaking of Real Housewives of Orange County drunken party games — the ladies even fought about who was drunk and who was not on Valentine’s Day.

Tamra was in fact the one that drank a lot at the Valentine’s party and she told Danielle the very next day that she didn’t even remember what happened because she drank so much. At the Valentine’s party, I made a point to not drink. The party was on the tail of my birthday party, in which there was quite a bit of drinking, and it didn’t end well. I had maybe a drink and a half and spent the entire night drinking water. Heather had special signature Valentine shots and I passed on those as well. I was NOT drunk in the least. I explained the ‘Shag, Marry, Kill’ game in great detail in my last blog. I am going to say it again and then stop defending myself. The truth is the truth. I pointed out to her, after she basically told me she screwed me over on my birthday on purpose, that she was just mad because her husband wanted to ‘marry’ me. She knows that I said that, too. She got up and repeated it at the door. Every time I try to continue to that part of the story where she REPEATED “marry you?” she gets louder and louder and I am not able to even speak.”

I am beginning to think Tamra has a bit of a problem. I mean seriously, this is the second time in one season she has openly admitted to not remembering things she said because she drank too much. So either she has a problem or it may be her go-to excuse for her behavior. Lizzie is also quick to point out that it was not just Shannon Beador or herself who had been hurt by Tamra. By the time they got to dinner, Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra’s one-time bestie, is even upset with her.

“It’s important to understand that everyone was just really hurt by Tamra. Not one of us had any intention to attack her or call her names. We just all wanted to confront her and defend ourselves. When we all arrived at the dinner, I had no idea what was going to happen. Tamra had been saying a lot of things about us and we just wanted answers and wanted to defend our honor. It’s clear to me that Tamra does not handle conflict well. She immediately goes into defense mode; fight or flight. Even in simple conversations.”

Tamra didn’t have to run away screaming. She could have talked through these things with us. I saw her run away from confrontation with Heather at Shannon’s Christmas party, she ran away from me at the Valentine party (when she was the one that was rude first) and she is now running away again. Seriously? A few things I have learned about Tamra: a) Don’t invite her to any parties or special events b) Don’t play games with her and c) Unless you want it to blow up in your face, don’t confront her on ANYTHING.”

Am I the only one who is excited for this reunion?!?!? Sounds like it is going to be the RHOC vs Tamra Judge and I for one cannot wait!


[Photo Courtesy: Photo by: Rudy Martinez/Bravo]