Shannon Beador Is Done Trying To Be Friends With Heather Dubrow; Disgusted By Terry Dubrow’s Attitude

shannon beador and heather subrow

Shannon Beador survived Real Housewives Of Orange County – and lived to tell about it. Zenly

Luckily being part of the show taught Shannon a lot of lessons about herself. Like she doesn’t have to be manipulated by middle-aged mean grandmas girls like Tamra Barney and that she is a big enough person to actually accept an apology and be sincere, unlike Heather Dubrow. As Shannon reflects on the season and gives her two-cents on the ridiculous finale. 

“When I first met Tamra, she continually complained about her relationship with Heather. I never suggested that Tamra stay away from Heather, that Heather was evil, or that Heather was a horrible person. I did say that I saw black in Heather’s eyes on the day that she kicked me out of her house,” Shannon begins.


“My continual suggestion to Tamra was that she should tell Heather how she felt and communicate with her. You can actually see me tell her that early on at Vicki’s Fakes-Giving dinner. I never said that Tamra didn’t want Heather in her wedding,” Shannon assures. “Tamra said to me that their friendship wasn’t real.”

In summation, Shannon realized, that yet again it was a game of, “Tamra making up more things about me and pulling Heather in.”  Wasn’t that pretty much Tamra’s storyline this season?

Shannon continues, “Heather says that she ‘went to the source’ and asked Tamra whether certain unkind things were said about her. I did that too. I asked Tamra whether she told Heather about David’s email and she denied it. I asked Tamra to confirm what she told me numerous times that Terry wanted to “take the Beadors down,” and she denied it.

“Going to the source has been of no benefit to me, and in fact, has given me false information,” Shannon reminds us. “If Heather thinks that Tamra is going to be truthful to her, then that is her choice. I think Heather is smarter than that.” Touché! 

As for her advice to Vicki Gunvalson concerning Tamra, Shannon has no apologies for her opinion. “I do not split up friendships. I have been hurt by Tamra, and Vicki has been hurt by Tamra. When I am close friends with anyone, I don’t want to see them get hurt. I have and will continue to tell Vicki to proceed with caution in any friendship with Tamra.”

Moving on, Shannon is appalled by the penile behavior of one Dr. Terry Dickbrow

First, some background information: “On our last night in Bali, I was informed that David made the inappropriate comment for Heather to ‘spread her legs’ when she was getting on the bull at her hoedown three months earlier. I was surprised to hear that he would say such a thing, but I knew he consumed many drinks that day,” Shannon recalls.

“Although I was confused why Terry had not brought up the topic when we had seen him months earlier, I let David know as soon as I returned home for our trip. He told me that Heather was wearing a dress and got on the bull side saddle. That is when he yelled, ‘Spread your legs!’ In his tequila mind, he thought it was funny. If I were Heather and my guests had been drinking all day, I would have laughed at that comment and moved on. . . But that is the difference between us.”

The drama unfolded at Vicki’s Balinese-themed dinner party. “David’s apology was sincere,” Shannon recounts. “We both thought it was strange that we were hearing about how Terry was so upset months after the fact, but David was willing to take responsibility and ask for forgiveness for his statement. He even did it in front of others which I thought was so admirable. True to form, the apology was not good enough for the Dubrows and was coined ‘bullsh–.'”

Shannon isn’t sure how they got roped into an argument with Terry and Heather, but all roads lead back to Tamra

“I said my peace to Tamra in Bali. I asked her for an explanation for her character assassinations of me and she gave none. I don’t expect to ever get one. I am ready to move on. But yet she seemed to goad everyone on at the end of dinner. I let her know my disappointment with her betrayal and she seemed surprised I said it. Really?”

Shannon continues, “And then to the most mind-blowing portion of the night. David attempted to remind Tamra about how she instigated the argument between he and Terry on the night of Lizzie’s party with the whole ‘take down the Beadors’ comment. Terry jumped in and said that wasn’t what he was upset about at Lizzie’s party — he was really upset about David’s spread your legs comment. What?”

“Then why didn’t we hear about it at Lizzie’s party? Why didn’t he ‘go to the source’ months earlier?” Shannon wonders. “And even more so, why was there no anger towards Eddie with his comment ‘Show us how you ride Terry‘? Aren’t they equally offensive?”

But perhaps the most offensive comments were the ones Terry made to David about being a “construction guy.” Shannon explains, “My husband started his company on his own and works very hard. He has multiple degrees. The fact that Terry called him stupid and insulted him as a construction worker is unacceptable. I also can honestly say that I have heard many things in my life, but I have never heard one man call another a ‘penis.’ He also called David a ‘douchebag.'” Oh that’s some rich class Heather

After that Shannon realized Heather is not the type of girl she wants to be friends with. “I truly thought Heather and I were on a path to potential friendship, and I was completely shocked at she and Terry’s air of superiority at the dinner table,” Shannon states. “To say words and then insinuate that we would have to look them up is truly offensive. And by the way, a thesaurus is used for synonyms. What we would actually need to look up the big words Heather and Terry used would be a dictionary.”

“I have developed what I know will be a lifelong friendship with Vicki. Since Bali, I have become quite close to Lizzie,” Shannon says. “The pot stirring and arguing that some of these women are doing is ridiculous. I have no time or need for it. I can forgive, but I will never forget. With time, you never know what will happen, but for now my husband and I are keeping our distance from Tamra and Dubrows.”

PS – I amend my statement that my statement that Shannon had no work done – she had fillers. Oh holy hell did she have bad fillers. Stop visiting Vicki’s plastic surgeon!  Let’s get all the ladies of RHOC on Botched – iffen they don’t like Terry, there’s always the lovely Paul

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