This week on Atlanta Exes, the ladies are far from over the fallout at the Tea Market. Sheree Buchanan may have discovered the reason why Tameka Raymond has been throwing so many jabs her way. Monyetta Shaw reveals devastating information. If you thought the argument at the Tea market was bad, this week it is even worse.  

The episode begins where it left off, at the Tea Market. Traci is still screaming; and Greg, Tameka’s assistant, is saying that he believes that Traci Steele and Torrei Hart came to the event to bring drama. Outside while talking to Greg and Brandon, Tameka’s assistants or her minions as Torrei calls them, Torrei takes jabs at Tameka’s career. She says that Tameka hasn’t styled anyone lately and has no sense of style. Tameka takes her style cues from the Kardashians. Noooo, *in my Kevin Hart voice,* she definitely would be lost if that was the case. Inside, Tameka vents to her sister. She calls Traci Steele and Torrei, “flat shoe” MFers. Tameka also says that she probably didn’t greet Torrei because Torrei looked like one of the Mongolian carpets, with that nappy ass shit in her head. “You were camouflaged, if you ask me,” Tameka says of Torrei and the carpets. Outside, Torrei complains to Traci that Tameka can’t keep using her son’s death as an excuse. Torrei says that Tameka was like that before her son died, and people around town were saying that it was karma that her son died because of the type of person she is/was. Side note –Personally, I can’t believe that anyone would say that, or that Torrei would be insensitive enough to repeat it, on national TV no less.

Inside, Tameka talks with Christina Johnson about all of the snide comments that Torrei was making before the argument. Tameka thinks that Torrei picked the wrong time and place to start an argument. Tameka said, “If you have a bad felling, stay yo ass at home. Then, you can call me or text me or don’t say shit else to me in yo life cause, I don’t give a f***.” Christina then asks how they can move forward. Tameka says, “We don’t move forward, we say, ‘just don’t say shit to me.’” Ok, secretly, I love her, but don’t tell anyone.


At Christina’s apartment, we are introduced to Kingston, Christina’s 13 year old son. He is a little cutie with his own fun and funky style. He also is very intelligent. Sheree has called Kingston in to get his blessing for her to date. Kingston tells his mom that he just wants her to be happy. He says that it is not his choice who she dates, but to steer clear of dating websites because his friends post profiles as a joke. Lookout ladies, you may be dating a 13 year old.


Sheree and Torrei meet to discuss the Tea Market. Sheree says that she decided to stay away from the event in order to prevent an argument, which it turns out was a good idea. Torrei is giving Sheree the rundown–the place was empty and Tameka didn’t greet them. Then, she goes directly into Tameka talking about her green eye shadow and boots, which are vintage Dolce and Gabbana by the way. Did she miss a couple of steps there? I remember this a little differently, but maybe my recollection doesn’t coincide with her being a victim. Torrei believes that they need to keep calling Tameka out on her behavior.

Sheree goes to her friend Monica’s house to hear what Tameka has been saying about her. Tameka has told Monica that the girls are like a ‘little gang’ and have been bullying her. What happened now? I can’t believe that Tameka fixed her mouth to even say that with all of the things that she has been saying and doing. Tameka tells Monica that she is concerned about Sheree’s and Torrei’s parenting skills because Torrei has not been spending time with her kids. To add insult to injury, Tameka asks Monica (Sheree’s friend of 20+ years, whom Tameka barely knows) if Sheree slept with Usher. *Boom* Sheree, for her defense, says that she was friends with Usher many years ago. Just Friends with no benefits! According to her, this was long before Tameka came into the picture. She met him because her ex-husband, Ray Buchanan, and Usher had the same personal trainer.      

Willie has arranged a wine and painting date for him and Christina. They look to be having fun, and Christina says that it was soothing –but that won’t last for long. Christina begins with the heavy questioning again. Her new name may be Inspector Gadget. She definitely has the Inspector part down, we’ll have to see about the Gadgets. For now, go-go gadget questions, “Where do you see this going?” she asks. He tries to keep it light and asks if she is talking about the painting or them? He is really good with bringing the intensity level down. They laugh it off, and he replies that she is awesome, and that he loves spending time with her, but he does not know where they are going at this point. Christina brings the intensity level up again and says that she is not able to have children. She wants to know if that is a deal breaker.   He again deflects, makes another joke that he hasn’t necessarily said that he wants to have children with her, and suggests that they should take it one day at a time. The two painted a cute picture of a couple kissing. Have they even kissed yet? This conversation may be a little heavy for the first couple of dates.

Monyetta has decided to invite Sheree over to her house for a nice, relaxing afternoon at her in-home spa. Being a fool does have its perks. Of her relationship with Ne-Yo, she says that everything is the same as when they were engaged, except he can do what he wants to do and doesn’t have to lie about it. Sheree tells her that she must move on with her life. Monyetta states that she is afraid to start dating. She also confides that besides the matching tattoos that they she and Ne-Yo share, she also has another tattoo with his ‘government name’, Shaffer. The Shaffer tattoo though is in a place that let’s just say only he and the doctors who delivered her babies may have seen. She says that she will need to take another trip to the tattoo parlor before she starts dating. Sheree may be flighty, but she tells the truth when she says to never get a man’s name tattooed on you. Truer words were never spoken.     

Christina invites Tameka over to her place to try to get past the Tea Market. Ironically, Tameka believes that Torrei is the one who is always throwing jabs. She says that Torrei may do it in the name of comedy, but she says of Torrei, “Babe, you’re not funny.” Tameka also wonders why Sheree didn’t come to her event. Christina tells her that Monica may have told Sheree some things that Tameka said. Tameka replied that she is not for the childish back and forth of he said, she said. Really, I have to call BS here. Tameka had to know that Monica would tell Sheree what she said. Was this her way of getting the accusation on camera without actually saying it herself? Christina proposes that the women get together to get over the fight at the Tea Market.


Monyetta invites Christina over because Monyetta’s thyroid tests have come back abnormal. She has decided to discuss it with Christina because Christina suffers from Graves’ disease. Graves’ disease is an immune system disorder that results in hyperthyroidism, the over production of thyroid hormones. Christina says that she discovered the disease because she was losing so much weight that she looked sick. It turned out that she really was sick, but didn’t know it. Monyetta said that the symptoms were masked by all of the happenings in her life – depression (being dumped by her fiancé via phone), and fatigue (having Irish Twins, children born 11 months apart). Christina’s advice to Monyetta is stop masking her feelings. She tells her that when she is going through something that she should really just feel that emotion–scream, cry, etc. Monyetta says that she cannot breakdown because she has to try to stay strong for her children. The conversation then moves to children. Christina confides that she can’t have children anymore. Monyetta, chokes up and reveals that she can’t either. She says that she and Ne-Yo decided as a family that since they had two children, a girl and a boy, that they did not want any more children. She says that despite her doctor’s reservations, she decided to have her tubes burned. Monyetta is worried that if she meets Mr. Right, that she will not be able to bear him any children. Christina comforts Monyetta in the wake of this devastating news.

Sheree and Torrei meet at The Bridge Boutique for retail therapy, and so Sheree can fill Torrei in on what Tameka said to Monica. Sheree tells Torrei that Tameka asked Monica if Sheree slept with Usher, Tameka’s ex-husband. Torrei wonders why Tameka did not just ask Sheree. Sheree wonders if this is the reason that Tameka has been throwing jabs at her, and who could have told Tameka something like that. According to Sheree, Tameka thinks that everyone has slept with Usher. Kandi Burruss, from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, said the same thing about Tameka. Torrei decides that they need to confront Tameka. She says that Tameka thinks that she is better than everyone else.

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Christina has invited all of the women together in an attempt to hash out their differences. Tameka and Torrei immediately begin to argue about who was right or wrong at the Tea Market. Christina breaks up this argument, and begins to get upset with both ladies. Tameka is talking about how she doesn’t care, and Sheree takes this opportunity to say that Tameka only cares about Tameka. Sheree contends that this is the reason why Tameka only has two friends, and that they do whatever she tells them to do. Tameka responds that she would rather have two loyal friends than 10 bitches that said that she fu**** their husbands. L Sheree wants her to name one woman that says she had sex with their husband. Tameka insists that there are. Then, in an effort to get Christina to be upset with Sheree, Tameka brings up the fact that Sheree has introduced Willie to another friend of hers. Apparently, the two had a one-night stand. Christina doesn’t take the bait and is upset with Tameka instead. She asks why Tameka did not tell her before and doesn’t even understand why Willie is being brought into the current conversation. She does, however, wonder if she can trust Willie. Willie is really in for it this time. The Inspector is going to be in full force on the next date.

OK. Back to the argument over the argument at the Tea Market. Torrei thinks that the event was not up to par since Tameka tries to act so high and mighty. Questions –Is Torrei jealous of Tameka? Then, Torrei adds the cherry on top–she thought she saw a rat. Tameka responds that Torrei would definitely know what one looked like. Torrei then says that she was not the one who got arrested for stealing. Did Tameka admit to stealing and say she was 15? Does she then back off of that and deny it? It was hard to understand through all of the hollering and bleeping. Torrei then calls Tameka a Hood-Rat Thief.

Next, there is an argument about who owns what, who leases, and which zip code is the best. The foolery continues on and on until Torrei says, “Lay in a coffin, kill yo self.” To this Tameka responds that Torrei should kill herself. The argument continues to get uglier and uglier. I must say that it is no longer fun to watch. Some shade and some jabs are funny, but arguments over who is ugly, who has more money, whose EX-husband liked them the best and who has custody of their kids reach the level of ignorance that is no longer funny.

The women take shots about each other’s looks; Torrei’s bumps on her face; and Tameka’s fake butt. Tameka says that Torrei was not Kevin’s rib, and that she never knew that Kevin was married. I find that hard to believe. Torrei says that Kevin built his career off of talking about Torrei Hart. This is very true. Anyone who follows Kevin Hart knows that all of his early stand-ups are about his wife and their relationship. Torrei talks about Tameka’s sunken in eyes. Tameka suggest that Kevin tried to hide Torrei away because she is so ugly. Tameka says that his girl now (Eniko Parrish, his new fiancé), is definitely hot. Torrei says so is Grace (Usher’s current girlfriend, Grace Miguel). She says that this is the reason that Tameka tried to pull Grace from Usher’s car, which led to her losing her custody battle for her kids. Usher did recount the incident in their custody battle in 2012. Torrei says to Tameka, “You don’t have your first round of kids or your second round of kids. Clearly, you are doing something wrong.” Tameka is visibly upset, as are the other women at the table. Torrei says that if someone tries to cut her that she is going to murder them. Tameka threatens to beat the ‘F” out of Torrei. Torrei just may deserve it. I can’t say that this is the best start to a career as a comedian. Tameka continues to insult Torrei’s looks and says that she is ugly and looks just like Patrice Rushen. Is she talking about the legendary jazz artist? Was that really necessary?  

Next week, Christina leads Willie into another interrogation, this time about his prior hook-up with Sheree’s friend. Torrei tells Sheree that she should have spoken up more during the confrontation with Tameka. The ladies meet with a mediator, at Christina’s suggestion, to resolve their differences. Tameka confides that she contemplated suicide.

TELL US – What do you think about Monyetta’s decision to burn her tubes? Are Christina’s questions appropriate considering she just started dating Willie? Are you team Tameka or Team Torrei?               

Recap Author: Tiffany L.

Photo Credit: VH1