Monyetta Shaw-Carter
(Photo by Carol Lee Rose/Getty Images)

Monyetta Shaw-Carter Accuses Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast of ‘Making up Stuff’

There’s a lot to be said about The Real Housewives of Atlanta right now. Some people say it’s time for a casting reboot. Others think it’s the behind-the-scenes production that needs revamping. The show’s OG, NeNe Leakes, thinks that the cast just needs to be honest about their lives.

During a recent tell-all interview with Bethenny Frankel, NeNe gave her unfiltered opinion on the current status of RHOA. There, she suggested that the current peach crop isn’t the real deal.

She told Bethenny, “When we entered, we were so good because we were real. It was authentic. We were real. Now everybody has a fake boyfriend, a fake everything. Everything is fake, everything. They have all these stories they made up.”

Apparently, NeNe isn’t the only one that feels that way. Monyetta Shaw-Carter recently chatted with The Messenger, and she responded to NeNe’s claims about the authenticity of the cast. Instead of standing up for her cast, Monyetta ended up agreeing with NeNe.

Playing make-believe

What’s the opposite of an MVP? Well, that’s what Monyetta was during the entirety of Season 15 of RHOA. She was pretty much on the sidelines throughout every major moment, so it’s hard to remember anything memorable that she brought to the table. Still, even from the sidelines, Monyetta said she saw the exact behavior that NeNe was referring to in her recent interview with Bethenny.

According to Monyetta, the RHOA cast hasn’t been authentic with what they’re bringing to the cameras. Perhaps that’s why so many fans are having a hard time connecting to them right now.

“I mean, honestly, I feel like some of the ladies with the peaches are making up stuff,” Monyetta argued. “I have real stuff going on, like a lot of real things going on. But this season, I’m there to support. I would have to agree with her on some, not all, of course.”

Of course, if Monyetta agreed with every bit of what NeNe said, that would mean agreeing with her assertion that the current Housewives are starless and uninteresting. So, Monyetta argued her belief that there are more stories to tell with the current cast — but only if they bring their authentic selves.

Ready for a peach

Everyone’s waiting to find out what Bravo ultimately decides for the next season of RHOA, but Monyetta saluted herself, Kandi Burruss, and Kenya Moore, for at least trying to bring their A-game in Season 15. She told the outlet that if there actually is a reboot on the horizon, she deserves to have a peach. If anything, you have to appreciate the confidence.

“I also heard that rumor, too, like they’re gonna get rid of half and keep half and then get some new girls? I think that would be perfect,” she said. “I would love to come on as a peach-holder if they would have me, if it’s the right thing to do if it’s in the cards. I think they definitely missed out on a lot.”

All 15 seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta are streaming on Peacock.