Lizzie Rovsek Opens Up About Her Body Issues

Lizzie Rovsek

Lizzie Rovsek is not the first person Tamra Judge has taken aim at or come up with a demeaning nickname for. Remember when she called former Real Housewives of Orange County star, Alexis Bellino, “Jesus jugs.”

Well, after Tamra refused to apologize for terming Lizzie, “Kentucky fried titties,” on part 1 on the reunion, Lizzie is finally opening up about the body image issues she has had her entire life, and why she has finally accepted her God-given assets.


“I am sure everyone is aware of Tamra’s nickname for me, “Kentucky Fried Titties.” When I first heard her call me this I thought, “Nah, I won’t even give it energy.”  It really is trashy and frankly low-class. However, it was a trigger for me and it really touched on something that I had been self conscious of for my entire life. It sounded exactly like the pre-pubescent boys in my middle school P.E. class. “Hey Lizzie, can I get some fries with that shake.” The girls would snicker, “Lizzie’s sprouting!!” I grew up hearing a lot of derogatory names targeted at my large chest. I was the girl in fourth and fifth grade that cried when friends had pool parties and wore T-shirts over my swimsuit to cover up my chest. My mom’s friends would laugh and say, “One day you will love your assets.” But I was always self-conscious.”

Lizzie goes on to explain that as she competed in beauty pageants she was often embarrassed that she would have to have extra cups sewn into gowns and swimming suits, which eventually led her to have two separate breast reduction surgeries. She even says she probably needs another one after she is done having kids. But, with all that surgery and angst, she does admit, “I guess God wants me to have big boobs! So, excuse me everyone for finally embracing my body.” And from the picture that Lizzie posted above, we can tell she has finally embraced her body!!

She may have embraced her big boobs, but how does Lizzie feel about Tamra Judge, making fun of her assets? “I see nothing more than a 47-year-old bully when I see Tamra. I see bullying. Tamra didn’t just call me a name in a fit of anger. She made up the name and announced in her interview. Later, she announced on Watch What Happens Live. My question is why? Why is she so proud of this name? (Which, I have to be honest, I have heard before, it’s not even original.)”

Lizzie, Tamra is proud of the name because she enjoyed being the bully this season on the Real Housewives of Orange County. We could all tell. She did not have a storyline, so she became the mean girl. And I completely agree with you when you say, “What kind of message does this send to young women? I don’t have girls, but I have nieces and I would never want to teach them to be “mean girls.”

Lizzie also mentions that she left the reunion in tears — can’t wait to see part 2!


[photo courtesy: Lizzie Rovsek]