Atlanta Exes Recap: Mixing It Up With The Mediator


On this week’s episode of Atlanta Exes, the ladies meet with a mediator to try to bring their ‘sisterhood’ back together. Torrei Hart launches her mixer, Skimpy Cocktail’s Cherry Limeade; and Christina Johnson makes a decision about her relationship with Willie.

This week we start off at the Glow and Dry beauty salon. Sheree Buchanan is there to get glowed and dried and Torrei meets her to discuss the ‘mix-up’ at Stir It Up. Torrei believes that she had every right to go in on Tameka Raymond like she did during the confrontation. According to Torrei, Tameka brought a knife to a gun fight. Torrei will shoot a person down, she was in the military. Relevance anyone??? Torrei is upset that Sheree didn’t say more during the confrontation. Sheree says that Tameka deflected. Tameka blocked her shot. Torrei says that Sheree let Tameka block her shot. It would seem that Sheree would have had the most to get off of her chest, given the accusation of sleeping with Tameka’s husband. I believe that because Torrei got so dirty in the argument that Sheree didn’t want to get any further involved.  

Christina and Monyetta Shaw meet at Tameka’s house to discuss the confrontation. Tameka says that she believes that Torrei didn’t like her from ‘day one.’ I might have to agree with her on that point. Monyetta brings up Tameka bringing Willie into the conversation to hurt Sheree, but how it really hurt Christina. Tameka said that she brought that up because she wanted a side-eye to the girl who keeps setting up the same guy on dates with different friends. Christina says that it really hurt her. Monyetta and Christina both believe that Sheree would not sleep with anyone’s husband. Back to the argument, Tameka is not really worried about what was said because her skin is like Teflon from all of the years of rumors and bad things that people have said about her. Christina is afraid that Tameka’s I don’t care attitude is a wall that she puts up to not let people in. Christina wants to have a mediator to solve their problems. Tameka agrees to meet with the mediator. Tameka says, “We can talk it out, thug it out, hug it out or cry it out, whatever we need to do.”

Christina goes to Monyetta’s house to call Torrei and invite her to meet with the mediator. Torrei laughs at the idea of a mediator, but after a long pause, agrees to meet with the mediator.

Sheree and Christina meet at Amura Sushi Restaurant to discuss Willie. Christina is hurt that no one told her that Monica and Willie dated. She felt that Sheree or Willie could have said something. Christina believes it is an issue of trust. She says that they have only been on two dates. Wait a minute. All of this over someone that you have been on two dates with, really? Sheree warns that she should not stop dating Willie, and believes that Christina finds reasons to stop dealing with new men because in the back of her mind, she is really still in love with CeeLo. So the person that you were married to and whom you have known for several years, you place no requirements of trust and honesty on; but the person that you have been on two dates with you require to bare his soul. OK. Sheree urges Christina to keep dating Willie and says that he is a great guy. Christina says that she will pray over it. I like Christina, but sometimes…

Torrei is the new face of Skimpy Mixers’ Cherry Limeade Flavor. She is meeting with Meagan Toole, CEO of Skimpy Cocktail Mixers, Reno Rankin, Torrei’s manager and Murray Ford, Torrei’s publicist. Torrei hopes that this will be another step in building her brand and wants her daughter to see her be successful. She wants her daughter to realize that a woman does not have to depend on a man. Torrei says that she does not know another African American women who is the face of a mixer. Everyone is excited for the event. I am excited to see someone finally get to work.

Tension is high as all of the women ride the bus to a cabin in The Blue Ridge Mountains to have a mini vacay and to meet with the mediator. At the cabin, everyone is seated and eating except for Tameka. Tameka walks in and sits separately from the women. Torrei breaks the ice and speaks with Tameka about her electric blanket called Whoopee. Torrei jokes that she has something else that she brings with her that she calls Whoopee. Monyetta chimes in that she does also. It is good to see some of the tension be released as the women laugh.  

Lakara, the life coach/mediator, arrives just in time and jumps right in with the question, “What is causing the conflict?” Tameka says that she comes into every relationship negative 10 points because of all of the negative things said about her. I would have to agree. Torrei says that she did not believe the things that she had heard, and Tameka counters that she had to believe it or she would not have brought it up. Tameka jokes that some of the information that Torrei said was buried deep into the divorce settlement. It does seem that Torrei did a lot of research on Tameka. #stalkerish. Torrei says that she only brought the things up because they were arguing, but she did not believe them. Tameka then brings up the ‘kill yo self’ comment. Tameka said that she had contemplated this many times after her son died. This is a rare moment of vulnerability for Tameka. She said that she felt as if she could just go to sleep and be with him, and not have to deal with everything. I do not know if there was weird editing going on at that moment, but it looks like Christina is playing with her hair, and the other ladies seem not to care that much at that moment. Torrei says that she was joking. (How is that a joke?) Tameka doesn’t let her off the hook and says that you never know if that is something that someone has just thought about before you say it. All of the women seem to get it, and offer her sympathy. She clarifies that she is not thinking about suicide at that time. Torrei says that she has admired Tameka for her strength, and never considered that Tameka had even considered suicide. Torrei says that she felt like she had just got into an argument with her “big sis” and they would be okay. Say what now??? This has got to be some made for TV BS because how do you get into a major argument of this level with someone that you barely know, and feel like you just got into a small argument with your ‘big sis.’ Come on now. For her part, Torrei has since offered some sort of an apology on her twitter account to all mothers who have lost children. Since things are now allegedly resolved with Tameka and ‘Kill yo self Hart,’ it is time to move on to Sheree and Tameka’s disagreement.

Sheree says that she has not slept with anyone’s husband, not Tameka’s or Monica’s. Tameka wants to know if she slept with her or Monica’s husband before they got married. Sheree says that she had not. Sheree seems to do a little equivocating, I wonder if there is more to this story. Is anyone else wondering if Monica said more to Tameka than she has let on? Tameka goes on to say that she does sometimes deflect if she doesn’t want to get into an issue or if she feels as if the issue is not important to her. In the end, Tameka agrees to let down her walls. The life coach brought them all together into a group hug. The ladies turn in for the night. The trip is so successful that they plan to take another longer trip.

All of the ladies minus Tameka are at the launch party for Skimpy Mixers. I guess ‘big sis’ wasn’t as over all of the drama as she let on. Skimpy Brand gives Torrei a Camaro wrapped in Skimpy Brand promotion materials. Monica also comes to the launch party. Is it just me or does Monica have her hand in everything? Monica states that she and Willie went out one time; they slept together, and that was it. Christina says that the whole situation feels weird to her. If she and Willie slept together, she would be thinking, “You were ‘in’ Monica, and now you’re ‘in’ me.” Thanks for that weird visual. Willie who is also at the event comes to talk to Christina. He is upset that what he feels as irrelevant is coming between them. Christina says that it is not irrelevant to her, and feels that it would be weird to date him knowing that he was intimate with Monica. Willie is sweating like he is in another one of her interrogations, but this time she isn’t asking any of her 1,000 questions. Christina seems over the relationship. Willie is fighting for his life trying to get her to see reason. Those two dates must have really been something. Christina puts the nail in the coffin, and says that Willie has stuff to put behind him (by this I assume his marriage) and now this situation it is just too much. Willie is down for the count. I feel bad because he does seem like a nice guy. For all of the people like me who really like Willie and Christina together, there is hope, as he posed for a picture with her son recently.

On the next episode, the ladies take a vacay to the Cayman Islands. Sheree and Christina discuss Willie, and Monyetta has an awakening.

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Recap Author:  Tiffany L.

Photo Credit: VH1