Farrah Abraham Admits She’s Not The One Homeschooling Sophia; America Breathes A Sigh Of Relief

Farrah Abraham 23rd birthday

Homeschool and Farrah Abraham should never ever share the same thought… unless Farrah is the one being taught. So, when Farrah let it be known that her daughter, Sophia, started kindergarten via homeschooling, I was stunned into silence. The job required lies and delusions vaccination failed me that day.

Since then, the former Teen Mom star has shared more details about Sophia‘s homeschooling situation, and I am happy to report that Farrah is not Sophia’s sole teacher. Whew! And of course Farrah took this opportunity to suggest that Sophia is only as smart as she is because Farrah is such an amazing mother.


When asked if Sophia has hit any milestones lately, Farrah shared, “It’s pretty major that she started kindergarten in general. She’s doing homeschooling, and I’m very proud of that. Being a mother and seeing her at this age – I remember this age, so it’s very dear to me and very special. It’s her year.”

Farrah explained that Sophia‘s curriculum comes from a local university. “They have a tutor that comes in. I’m just supportive and a good parent. I think that’s what makes a difference in where she’s at and how excelled she is.”

When asked about her own education situation, because Lord knows she needs it, Farrah shared, “Right now I have to finish my Bachelor’s, which is in finance, and I’m kind of overwhelmed. I’m working so much and traveling and with my daughter – it’s been crazy.”

Farrah‘s work these days includes opening a restaurant, researching imaginary roles as a stripper, famewhoring as much as VH1 allows, and preparing for her first acting gig since Couples Therapy.

About her upcoming role in Axeman 2: Overkill, Farrah said, “Fannie Rae Baker is an overbearing, Christian woman – and of course she gets killed. This is a horror flick. So Christianity and horror – all that together – that’s for me. I’m just very blessed I got the part.”

Sophia‘s first school assignment: read and explain Mommy’s script to her.


Alberto Reyes/WENN.com