Farrah Abraham To Star In A Horror Film With Big Brother’s Rachel Reilly!

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abrahamreality TV star, entrepreneurial genius, porn star, sex toys expert, literary genius, restaurateur, perfect mother – never stops working. She recently revealed that she’s opening a restaurant and breaking into acting.

About her acting roles, Farrah said, “I’m kind of staying closer to roles that are Christian-based.” Um, apparently, “kind” and “of” were the operative words.

No one’s favorite Teen Mom brat turned Backdoor Teen Mom star has been cast as a “crazed evangelical Christian hellbent on beating the word of God into anyone who turns a deaf ear to it” in the slasher movie Axeman 2: Overkill.


Director Joston Theney described Axeman 2: Overkill as “crazed evangelical Christians looking to punish sinners, murderous, double-crossing bank robbers in search of their money, vigilantes seeking justice for their slain Sheriff, and Axemen out for blood.”

Big Brother star Rachel Reilly has been cast as the bank robber. HAHAHA.

“It’s an 80’s style horror flick with lots of humor, gory kills, and fun dialog,” said Farrah. “The character Fannie Ray Baker who I play is seemingly well-intended conservative evangelical do gooder hiking in a place called Cutler’s Creek for a couple’s Christian camp where the film takes place.”

Farrah said she’s channeling her inner “uber Bible thumper” to prepare for the role. “I’ve been around all sorts of Christianity growing up and this leads me to feeling content with researching and playing the role of Fannie perfectly.”

Why did Farrah want to play the role of Fannie Ray Baker? “I was more compelled to do this role because of the story line including Christianity and horror, not to mention I like that my character is a wife as well. This was a character I could see myself having personal growth with.”

Did you know that Farrah once single-handedly saved an entire play? Yup, in grade school, and now she’s an experienced actor ready for the big screen.

“I got into acting when I took part in a play in grade school when I played the female main character role and my male main character supporting my part forgot his lines so I had to apply improv to help my fellow young actor smoothly complete the scene in the middle of the play,” bragged Farrah. “From there show choir helped me continue performing in front of audiences and many other acting, dancing, and singing activities I took part in.”

Farrah, the suddenly serious actor, said she pulls inspiration from Jim Carrey, Shirley Temple, Jaime Presley, Farrah Fawcett, Sophia Loren, Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, and Cameron Diaz.

“I continue to develop my acting abilities so that now I am ready to play characters that challenge my emotions,” added Farrah. “I will always be open-minded to having an acting coach help me for a specific role to really have a focus to WOW others who will be watching the characters I play in their anticipated future feature films.”

Farrah said Axeman 2 will be an “impactful film in horror history,” adding, “Fans of horror will equally make Axeman 2: Overkill one to remember.”

There really is no end to Farrah‘s delusion. It’s mind boggling. Axeman 2 begins shooting in California in October, which the exact same time Farrah is supposed to open her Froco Fresh Frozen restaurant in Texas. Also, Sophia is five now and will start kindergarten in August or September. This should be interesting.


Photo Credit: Michael Carpenter/WENN.com