Teresa Aprea Appreciates Dina Manzo, Thinks Amber Marchese Is Ridiculous

pool-side bonding in florida

One of the displacement twins, Teresa Aprea, finally shared her thoughts on the last two episodes of Real Housewives of New Jersey. To summarize, Teresa appreciates the way Dina Manzo handled the Santa/Rino rumor, thinks Amber Marchese is ridiculous, and recalls what a nice time she, Nicole Napolitano, Dina, and Melissa Gorga had in Florida before Amber flew in.

“I must start off with kudos to Dina! Finally someone with a brain! I called Dina and thanked her for making sense of complete nonsense,” said Teresa. “Three key points she made: First, as soon as she heard the rumor from Teresa Giudice, she said, ‘I do not believe that at all.’ Second, ‘It didn’t happen.’ And third, Dina’s comment in her interview was that she was more offended that someone would talk about someone’s mother. Thank you, Dina.”


About Rino‘s toucan underwear that I wish I could erase from memory, Teresa said, “He just made everyone crack up and it was the highlight of the show for all of our friends – he really surprised me. He had us laughing for days.” 

“Regarding Rino’s colonoscopy, Rino felt strongly about filming this to bring awareness,” shared Teresa. “Rino’s dad has prostate cancer and issues with his colon. It must have seemed repulsive to some viewers, but screening and early detection does save lives. Rino was concerned because of certain symptoms he was having, but thank God his tests came back perfect. On a silly note, it was so funny seeing him wake up from his anesthesia – I was hoping they would have shown the funny things he said when he woke up. LMAO!”

Take note, Amber “The Cancer” Marchese. This is how you bring awareness to an important issue. Share it, add a little humor if appropriate, and move on. Do NOT talk about it, send smoke signals, blog about it, etc. ad nauseam. 

Speaking of Amber, Teresa thinks she is ridiculous. Of course she is. “I found it hideous of her to film on Ash Wednesday, which is a solemn and reflective day rather than a holiday like Easter when you tend to get dressed up and celebrate,” she said. “To top it off, it was beyond ridiculous to leave church and see Amber hammering Teresa Giudice over the phone!”

“I loved seeing myself, Nicole, Dina, and Melissa going to Boca,” Teresa said about the most recent episode. “Loved the pool scene in our bikinis, not to mention our pool boy who was very easy on the eyes. It was fun seeing all the girls working together in the kitchen. I was so happy being in Florida with this crew! I must say, I truly wish they would have shown more of the fun silly girl time by the pool. That day was a true blast! I wanted you all to see all of those good times before next week’s insane drama. I’d rather see more laughter than tears any day.”

Nicole warned, “But next week get ready to rumble.”


Photo Credit: Bravo