WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15208 -- Pictured: (l-r) Ramona Singer, Vicki Gunvalson, Andy Cohen, NeNe Leakes, Kyle Richards, Teresa Giudice -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

OG Real Housewives Spill Tea On Watch What Happens Live; Ramona Singer Says Bethenny Frankel Is “Trying To Be” A Good Friend

The O Come OG Faithful episode of Watch What Happens Live was everything that I wanted and more. Andy Cohen gathered OG Real Housewives Vicki Gunvalson, Ramona Singer, NeNe Leakes, Teresa Giudice, and Kyle Richards for a special holiday celebration.

Before he provoked them to spill some tea and throw some shade, Andy announced, “Just so you know, Luann [de Lesseps] is doing her cabaret show tonight. Lisa Vanderpump is opening a restaurant in Las Vegas and she’s there prepping. Bethenny [Frankel] is under the weather.” To be fair, Bethenny almost died when she was hospitalized with an allergic reaction. To say that she was “under the weather” is an understatement.

At the start of the group interview, Andy joked, “They may be OGs, but at least half of their faces are new.” He wasn’t wrong. That was very clear when Andy opened the vault with old photos and videos. Everyone on the Watch What Happens Live stage had a major glow up.

Andy asked the OGs to share their thoughts on the one season Housewives that they were forced to endure costarred with for a short time. When Andy mentioned Claudia Jordan, NeNe said she “talks a lot.” She remarked “Aaaww. She’s sweet” in response to DeShawn Snow’s name.

Ramona had nothing to say when Andy asked about Jules Wainstein. She just made a face of displeasure, which conveyed enough. Ramona asked, “Cindy who?” when Andy brought up Cindy Barshop. Personally, that just made me think of Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch. So maybe Ramona was just playing into the holiday theme? OK, definitely probably not.

Teresa said that she liked the twins Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea. When Andy Cohen mentioned Amber Marchese, Teresa remarked, “Her husband [Jim Marchese] was annoying.” Andy concurred, “Andy, he still is.” Completely true.

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Vicki said, “Quinn [Fry] was nice. She was on for like a couple months.” Oh, the shade! Andy hit her with a major throwback when he mentioned Season 1 Orange County Housewife Kimberly Bryant. Vicki said, “Oh, Kimberly. She was cool.”

Kyle asked Andy, “Can I say the “F” word?” when he named Carlton Gebbia. After he said “no,” Kyle said, “Witchy effing poo.” She described Kathryn Edwards as “adorable” and said, “I love her.” Unfortunately for Kathryn, most viewers forgot she was even on the show.

Ramona stole the episode last night. She threw the most/best shade. By far. A viewer asked, “You said Real Housewives of New York put Real Housewives on the map even though Real Housewives of Orange County came first. What’s so bad about OC?” Ramona began, “There’s nothing bad [about RHOC].” Then she added,  “No one knew about OC.”

Vicki interjected, “What do you mean no one knew?!” Ramona diverted the conversation to Andy and claimed, “Your person from Bravo told me this! Your guy!”

Then, a caller said to Teresa, “In the past, you have tweeted some shady things about Bethenny Frankel. Say three nice things about her.” That was a tough request for the Real Housewives of New Jersey OG. She had several long pauses before formulating any sentences.

Teresa started,” Ummmm. I think she’s a wonderful businesswoman. Very smart. What else? Ummmm. I really don’t know her to say more.” Ramona helped her out and added that Bethenny is a “good mother.” Teresa responded, “Yes, thank you, Ramona.  Ummmm. And I’m sure she… Is she a good friend?” Ramona replied, “She’s trying.” Everyone on the set had a reaction to that one. Ramona has turned into such a shade assassin. Bravo (pun intended), Ramona.

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A fan asked Kyle to name the biggest liar on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle didn’t really answer the question, as expected. Instead, she said, “It depends on the season. There’s quite a few. This whole season is basically lies. There’s a lot of lies going on this season.” NeNe asked what we all wanted to know: “Who’s the liar?” Obviously, we have to tune in to watch out, but there are plenty of hints in the Season 9 trailer.

Another person asked Kyle, “What was your reaction when you heard that Brandi Glanville was gonna be on the new season?” Kyle remarked, “Oh my god. She’s unpredictable so you never know what’s going to happen.” And that is why I want Brandi back on the show. They need to spice things up in the 90210.

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Teresa responded “Who?” when she was asked, “What do you miss the most about your friendships with Caroline [Manzo] and Jacqueline [Laurita]?”

One RHONY fan asked, “Which of your former castmates do you want to see return?” Ramona came through with some major shade. Again. Without any hesitation, Ramona answered, “None.” Wow.

Andy followed up with, “You wouldn’t want to see Jill [Zarin] come back?” Ramona told him, “No.” Damn. NeNe interrupted to declare, “I would love to see Phaedra [Parks] come back [to Real Housewives of Atlanta].”

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Vicki threw in her two cents about Real Housewives of Orange County casting. She admitted, “There was a period of time when I would say no to Heather [Dubrow], but I would bring Heather back right now. I think she would be great for our franchise.”

Ramona really got all the best questions (and gave all the best answers) last night. Someone asked, “When was the last time you’ve seen or spoken to Tom [D’Agostino]?” At first, Ramona said, “I don’t know.” Then, she added, “Maybe this summer.” Finally, she added, “He bought me a drink.” Ummm. What? Then again, this surprises no one. We all remember last season when she tried to get an invite to Tom’s New Year’s Eve party in Palm Beach, much to Luann’s chagrin.

A minute later, Ramona elaborated, “You don’t understand. This bartender said ‘This drink is on Tom.’ And I said ‘Tom’s not here.’ And he goes ‘Well, somehow he heard that you were here and bought you a drink.’ I was like ‘OK.'” Interesting story, Ramona.

Andy came through with a question of his own. He wondered, “Are you dating red scarf guy?” Ramona admitted, “I’m dating a lot of people, but no one is sticking.”

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Later in the show, Vicki said that she has “no desire” to rekindle her friendship with Kelly Dodd after all of their “reunion drama.” You know, when Vicki accused Kelly of doing cocaine and not spending time with her own daughter because Kelly called her a “pig” on social media months before.

Vicki remarked, “She’s very hurtful.” Andy corrected her and stated, “You were both very hurtful.” Correct, Andy. Vicki insisted, “She’s been poking at me all season.” Was she though?

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Andy continued to invoke shade throughout the Watch What Happens Live episode. He asked NeNe if she was “shocked” that Sheree Whitfield came out with that line of joggers. NeNe said,  “I didn’t know she came out with joggers. Where can you find them?” Andy admitted, “I don’t know. Online?” Sure…

Then, Andy decided to question the OG Housewives as a group. He asked them questions and had them ring bells if the remark applies to them. Every person admitted that they’ve refused to film with another Housewife, except for Kyle.

NeNe was the only one who copped to sending a (so) nasty (and so rude) email to Andy. I find that hard to believe. Vicki and Ramona definitely sent Andy some heated emails throught the years.

Vicki admitted that she told Andy to fire another Housewife, something that everyone else denied doing. After, Vicki and Ramona admitted to flirting with the camera guys. This shocked absolutely no one. Also, they both admitted that they tried to direct the camera crew. Again, not shocking.

Every Housewife confessed that she’s gotten so drunk while filming that she couldn’t remember what was said on camera. Everyone except for Kyle rang her bell when Andy asked, “Have you ever thought you had an unfair edit?” Teresa even dropped her bell. That’s how emphatically she was ringing it. Andy remarked, “Teresa, you got a few seasons of those, right?” Apparently.

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Everyone except for Vicki said she has advised a new Housewife on what to do so she can stay on the show longer. NeNe claimed, “I advise new Housewives from every franchise.”

Andy turned to Vicki and said, “You don’t like the new women.” Vicki acknowledged, “I really don’t. You know why? I don’t want them to stay on.” At least she’s being honest, right? I guess…. If Vicki had her way Real Housewives of Orange County would just be The Vicki Gunvalson Show.

NeNe and Ramona said that they’ve told a castmate that they love her look when they really hated it. NeNe took it a step further and said she did so to “sabotage” The other person. Everyone wanted to know who she was referring to, but NeNe wouldn’t name names.

She told Andy, “Why would I tell you so you could tell everybody? There are a couple people.” That would explain a lot of Shamari DeVoe’s outfits from this season. Just saying…

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Wow. there was so much to unpack from that Watch What Happens Live episode. Vicki, Ramona, NeNe, Teresa, and (sort of) Kyle really delivered some great shade. Not only that, but Andy concluded the night by announcing he has his first child on the way via surrogate.

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It gets even better though. Andy announced that they recorded a special bonus episode of Watch What Happens Live that will air on Sunday night! Yes, an early Christmas gift!

Check out the photos from last night’s Watch What Happens Live episode by clicking through the gallery below.


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