Can I interest anyone in another riveting Real Housewives of New Jersey blog written by Amber Marchese? Of course I can! It’s been a while since we chatted about the Real Housewives of New Jersey, no? 😉

Amber took to her blog to walk us through her take on the drama that ensued in Florida. Basically nothing is Amber’s fault and nothing is Jim Marchese‘s fault. And Bobby Ciasulli is arrogant because he didn’t bow down and kiss Jim’s feet, Teresa Aprea is a nasty woman, and Dina Manzo is guilty of setting up a blood bath in Amber’s honor.

“This is a difficult blog for me to write, because it will be a lot of explaining Jim’s perspective as I was outside with Dina and trying to get Bobby to come out of the bathroom,” said Amber. “I can say, I wish that none of it happened and feel that it was a mistake to mix alcohol with friends that have so many unresolved issues. Jim does not think any of these people are my true friends and thought I was being set up plain and simple. And now seeing how Dina told the twins, his hunch was damn accurate.”


First, Amber blamed Bobby for setting the tone of the night.

“I am the forgive and forget type – love, peace, and happiness, it comes from my Mom’s hippie side, I guess. Jim is in stark contrast. He went down with good intentions, but was ready to unleash hell at the first sign of trouble.” Amber‘s the “forgive and forget” type, but she writes 1800 word blogs every single week to rehash every single word everyone has said and every single thing everyone has done since episode one. <eye roll>

“My husband loves me, and if everyone reached out to me with open arms, asked me about my health, and Bobby acknowledged him instead of treating him like a jerk, things could have been different. Instead Bobby was arrogant and self-righteous. Bobby should have been a man and at the first sign of discord took Jim aside to hash things out. A simple apology or even a display of remorse for what happened at his home would have gone a long way. This would have given them a chance to understand one another, prevented the awful fiasco, and saved Nicole from heartache. Jim gave it a chance, walked in, smiled, said hello to the gentlemen. Bobby returned it with a cold and rude reaction; he ignored him and made stupid faces behind his back like a little boy.”

Next, Amber called out Teresa for her “nastiness” towards Jim.

TerESSA kept coming at Jim even though Jim did not have a cross word to say about her sister. But unsatisfied, TerESSA crossed the line. Jim went back at her as hard as she went at him. She made comments about his privates, kids, and much, much worse. Problem is, she picked the worst person to pick a fight with as Jim was still pissed about the ambush at Bobby’s house, the hair pulling, and the backstabbing by Bobby with bowling night. In addition, he had not forgotten how she insulted our children on multiple occasions, for example calling my child ‘a little f—ing kid.’ I truly hope you see how much TerESSA kept after Jim. He was on the couch talking to Melissa and Joe very calmly. It took a lot for Jim to get to that point.”

Joe’s contention that men need to treat women differently only applies when a lady acts like a lady. You want to take it to a nasty level, then you get what you give. TerESSA has one of the most vile, venomous mouths going, and she has hand problems. She did not behave as a lady, so she was not treated as one. TerESSA learned a lesson in life about what happens when you attack someone that was smarter, sharper, and has more hurtful information. I have not forgotten the smug, pleased look TerESSA had when she and Nicole attacked me. TerESSA is not smiling anymore.”

Then, Amber justified Jim’s decision to out Bobby‘s alleged cheating.

Jim loves me and would NEVER leave me in that situation or hide. He came to Florida to protect me. Do you really think he wanted to be there? I tried to stop Jim from blurting out what I knew about Bobby, but Jim had enough of the games and was calling bullsh– on everyone. They set him up and in return, they got served. He was not holding back and he was armed to the teeth.”

“Bobby said welcome to hell, Jim’s reply, ‘Behold a pale horse his name that sat upon him was….’ Revelation 6:8. If you think Jim’s action is a violation of the guy code, then setting up your best friend and having his wife attacked at your house under false pretenses is a ‘get out of jail free card’ for the guy code. One thing about my husband, he will reflect what you provide him. If you are nice, he will be kind in turn. If you come at him with hate, he will return it in spades.”

Last, Amber accused Dina of intentionally pitting the twins against her.

Dina did not give me the heads up that she was putting the blame on me when telling the twins about the rumor. It was ridiculous that she completely left out [Victoria] Gotti. It is not that she decided to tell the twins, it was the in which manner she did. Dina was crafty with how she planted a seed that would get the twins amped at me rather than the source. If I knew how Dina relayed this information to the twins, I would have taken matters in my own hands.”

Dina was trying to nail it on me. I am so hurt and angry at this, especially now seeing it all play back. Thank GOD my husband was there. Dina was sending the twins to come after me, AGAIN! What the hell is wrong in her heart?! I was there to celebrate the best news of my life, meanwhile Dina is planning a blood bath! I also want to know what her obsession is with calling my husband names, she does not know him. Dina knew nothing of what Bobby and twins had done that night (or the night of the first responder’s party), yet once again Dina jumped in calling him a vagina and a dick.”

Amber concluded, “I truly feel the twins are nothing but foolish puppets believing and trusting people that they should not trust. They place blame on the most convenient party as it serves their self-love and misguided hatred. This makes me smile though, remembering the best line in a movie ever, ‘Vanity, one of my favorite sins,’ (Al Pacino, The Devil’s Advocate).”


Photo Credit: Bravo