Ashlee Holmes Rants Against Dina Manzo On Twitter; Gets Called Out By Dina’s Daughter Lexi!

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Ashlee Holmes claims she officially quit Real Housewives Of New Jersey, but by the amount she talks about her “claim to fame” I’d beg to differ! After Dina Manzo made a snippy comment directed towards estranged sister Caroline Manzo on this week’s episode, Ashlee erupted on twitter prompting her step-cousin Lexi to comment. Dina also contributed her elusive, saying everything by saying nothing, zen two-cents, as well. 

“I just think it’s hysterical how someone who claims to be so ‘zen’ can’t just let another adult do her job,” Ashlee began, directing an insult at her Aunt Dina, not sure what that was even referring to. 


Lexi quickly retorted back, “@ashleeholmes your hatefulness has only helped my mom & I work on our patience & ability to recognize the light in everyone,especially you.” And did not further comment. Ashlee did not stop, however, she continued to blow up instagram and twitter with comments direct at Dina.

Dina finally chimed in on Ashlee’s diatribe with this tweet that issued an epic burn towards Jacqueline Laurita as well as Ashlee! “We as parents need to show our children the way. The do as they see not what they’re told. #namastebitches” 

Dina commented again with this advice, “I adore u guys but please don’t stress for us. Our actions outside of the show & on soc media speaks volumes~It feels good to walk the walk” 

Ashlee, who was also present at the reunion as makeup artist to RHONJ Housewife rejects, claims that someone (hint, hint) tried to destroy her hard work. 

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“I’ll say more once the reunion airs… because I’m sure they won’t show everything. (As per usual.),” Ashlee hinted. 

“The quality of the humans that follow me compared to the quality of some other peoples’ fans speaks volumes… just my opinion,” Ashlee added just yesterday, followed by repeating a Banksy quote, “People lie, actions don’t.”

Add in a slew of Instaquotes about valuing yourself and other peoples negative opinions, and on and on and on… Ashlee still at it today. Isn’t there a twitter-rehab? I feel like I heard about this from LeAnn Rimes… 

ashlee holmes comments on dina manzo

For someone who is living such a fabulous life in LA, as she claims, and is so over RHONJ, as she claims, Ashlee sure has a whole helluva a lot of time on her hands to bicker on twitter with people she doesn’t care about, as she claims. 

Well, there you have it – RHONJ twitter feud round a zillion. Frankly I’m surprised Jim Marchese didn’t also offer his input. 

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