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Yesterday the Real Housewives Of New Jersey actually went through with filming their reunion. They were originally supposed to film on Friday, October 3rd, just one day after Teresa Giudice learned she would be going to prison for 15 months, and presumably she wasn’t up to the challenge of a reunion. 

Instead the ladies joined Andy Cohen in New York yesterday, where all were present and accounted for – even Teresa! Teresa arrived at the taping, dressed casually, and shared that she’s doing “OK” in the wake of her sentencing for bankruptcy fraud, wire fraud, and mail fraud. Joe Giudice also attended the reunion filming, but arrived separately from Teresa.


Sources reveal that although Teresa is trying to stay strong, she’s a mess. “She’s not doing well,” a source close to Teresa told People. During the reunion the attitude was extremely subdued – and Teresa looked “upset.”

“Normally at a thing like this, she would be on fire,” an insider revealed. “But it’s quiet. Everyone is being a little more cordial.” Sources say that although everyone treated Teresa with respect, secretly they were furious at her for arriving more than four hours late to the reunion! 

According to TMZ, even Andy was annoyed by Teresa’s tardy for the party behavior. And once Teresa arrived on set, she continued to delay taping with repeated breaks. Producers had to stop repeated because Teresa couldn’t handle it and said she was “going through a lot.” Well, that sounds about right considering she was just sentenced to federal prison 3 days ago. 

Denying that Teresa was late or unprofessional, but confirming that she was there was Andy himself. “Just wrapped an intense and emotional #RHONJ reunion,” he tweeted at 7:30 PM. “Nobody was late to the reunion, folks. everybody was a pro,” he added.  

Interestingly none of the cast members have tweeted about the taping or leaked photos of their outfits. Generally we get behind-the-scenes shots of what the ladies are wearing and who is sitting next to whom. Presumably with all the drama over Teresa’s sentencing Bravo is trying very hard to maintain the suspense and keep things under wraps. Jacqueline Laurita and Kathy Wakile were also rumored to be there. 

A big topic will likely be the other ladies reacting to Teresa’s sentencing. All of the husbands and boyfriends, including Bobby Ciasulli, were said to have attended. Contrary to rumors, Jim Marchese confirmed on twitter that he was there. He was the only one to tweet anything about the RHONJ – except for Andy

We await the tacky outfit shots. Really, we do. Jersey always has the nuttiest fashions! 



[Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo]

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