Kenya Moore Is Finally Coughing Up Donation To Detroit Public Schools Foundation

RHOA Kenya Moore

Here’s a happy update for you!  Kenya Moore is finally making good on that promise to donate $20,000 to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation!  According to a new report she’s making an appearance on October 17th – with Real Housewives of Atlanta cameras in tow, of course – and finally donating the cash.   Better late than never! 

Kenya shared,  “A lot of these kids now, because this city is bankrupt, they are just not getting the opportunities. How do you expect them to excel when they can’t get a book they need for class, let alone a computer?  I think right now it’s a dire situation for Detroit. I wish I could give more of my money to DPS. Clearly, $20,000 is not going to solve the problem, (but) hopefully it will help.”

Reality Tea readers raised over $1200 in an effort to help out the Detroit Public Schools Foundation when NeNe Leakes and Kenya both failed to make their donations.  We’re happy that Kenya came around, even if it’s with a camera crew because money is money and DPSF is thrilled to have the help! 

Glenda Price, president of DPSF shared, “Naturally, it is an important contribution, and it is the kind of thing you want to see happen because when someone makes a public declaration, you want to feel as though it was an honest commitment. When we heard a date, we realized it was an honest commitment.”


Photo Credit: Instagram