Million Dollar Listing LA Stars Josh Altman And Heather Bilyeu Explain Why They Called Off Their Wedding

Million Dollar Listing Josh and Heather wedding plans

When Million Dollar Listing LA stars Josh Altman and Heather Bilyeu called off their summer wedding, fans of the show immediately began to speculate how long until they broke up. Josh responded to that chatter right away, insisting they were more in love than ever, but we haven’t heard much from Heather since the news broke. Until now. Josh and Heather are speaking out, together, about the decision to postpone their wedding. 

Josh says, “You won’t hear this very often, but it was probably the best thing for our relationship. At the end of the day, I think we kind of forgot who the wedding was for, and when you have cameras following you around most of the year — for the last four years — you forget that at the end of the day that’s gonna live a lot longer than Million Dollar Listing. It’s about us, and at the end of the day, that’s what was most important to us.”


Heather adds, “Yeah, it turned into a story line as opposed to a wedding, and that didn’t sit well with us. It’s about a marriage, not just a wedding.”

The guest list has been a huge source of contention. Josh wants a big televised circus of a wedding. Heather prefers a small private wedding, but she seems to be warming up to the idea of a Bravo wedding. “We first met on the show so we really owe Million Dollar Listing and Bravo so much for introducing us and our fans have been so good to us and really supportive and love watching the little bit of our personal life on the show.”

As of right now, Josh and Heather are back to square one as far as wedding planning goes, but they want us to know they are not breaking up.

“People heard our wedding was postponed and immediately it went to ‘They’re done, they broke up,'” complains Josh. “We just didn’t have the time. We were trying to fit it on to the show because we love the show.”

What’s next for the couple? Well, if Josh gets his way, a baby!

Heather says, “This guy is trying to hit me up for babies. Left and right.” Josh adds, “I also tried last night.” Ugh. He always has to have the last word.


Photo Credit: Bravo

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