Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17, Episode 9 Recap: Loose Lips and Relationships

Real Housewives of Orange County
(Photo by: Jesse Grant/Bravo via Getty Images)

There’s only one group of tres amigas in my book, however the last episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County brought us two. First up was the former tres amigas: Tamra Judge, Jennifer Pedranti, and Heather Amin. Heather allegedly gossiped about Jenn’s boyfriend Ryan Boyajian sending d*ck pics all over town and Jenn was not too happy about it. She confronted both Heather and Tamra and told them to back off. Good luck with that.

Next up was the reunion of the original tres amigas: Tamra, Shannon Beador, and Vicki Gunvalson. The OG in the OC was finally back on our screens whooping it up with her two besties. It was like no time had passed as they downed tequila shots one by one. But things took a dark turn when Tamra hinted that Heather Dubrow spilled the tea about Shannon’s relationship with John Janssen. Whatever it was, it was bad enough for Shannon to want to shut it down. Someone get Shannon more tequila, stat!

People who live in glass houses…

It wasn’t going well for Shannon as she cried that John was going to lose it once it was revealed what she had shared with Heather. Tamra turned the screw in a little harder when she said that Heather also told Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson that Shannon’s relationship wasn’t doing well. Shannon felt betrayed as Heather had done this to her in the past. She turned to Vicki and asked what was the phrase about people in glass houses and Vicki shouted, “Shoot stones at them!” Not too bad for Vicki. 

Pumpkin spice was in the air as Emily and Shane Simpson took their kids to a pumpkin patch. As the kids argued if a scarecrow was scary, Emily and Shane argued about their parenting styles. Emily didn’t like that Shane checked her authority in front of the kids. She said she grew up differently than Shane so he might not understand where she’s coming from. Shane shared in his confessional that he has more patience and is the fun dad. If you are a Shane fan, this was one more reason to root for him.

Is there such a thing as a “healthy” ice cream shop? That’s what Jenn and Tamra told themselves at least when they met up for ice cream, kale chips, and dried cranberries. Yum. Tamra turned on the non-existent tears and apologized for hazing Jenn on her first season of the RHOC. If it weren’t for the gym closing or her husband Eddie Judge’s grandma not doing well things might have been different. All she wanted was for Jenn to trust her again. Instead of spitting out her ice cream in laughter, Jenn turned the other cheek and offered to take another napkin to her face to keep their friendship. Now all Tamra had to do was apologize to Ryan.

Do they put apps on IMDb?

Heather decided to pull out the big guns to make her acting career happen again. This meant reaching out to billionaire Mark Cuban. He had a new interactive content app that was in need of creators, and Heather just happened to be available. Heather reminded Mark over dinner that they had met up several years back, but he had no memory of the event. Mark was just there for the free steak and investment money. He warned Heather that no matter what the platform, you can bomb just like a stand up comedian. Heather didn’t like that dose of reality. She wanted her name back up in lights, whether that be movie theaters or computer screens. In her confessional, Tamra wondered if you could list an app as a credit on IMDb. The shade!

New besties Jenn and Gina met up to do some shopping for uninspired Halloween sweatshirts. Tamra came up in their conversation. Jenn said she was good with her but wondered when the next bomb would drop. Gina fully embraced her Team Jenn status and said her friends should stick up for her the next time Tamra attacked. Jenn said she might need back up sooner rather than later because she and Ryan were meeting up with Tamra, Eddie, Shannon, and John. Gina couldn’t help herself and immediately shared that Shannon and John weren’t doing well. More intel for Jenn if Shannon stopped supporting her.

The Sicilian defense

It was date night for Emily and Shane, and Emily had a bone to pick about the pumpkin patch. As Shane tried to stuff a napkin under the table to make it less wobbly, Emily lamented that Shane did not respect her as a mother. She wanted Shane to not criticize her in front of the kids because that took her authority away as a parent. Emily emphasized they needed to be a team, and that was important to her because she grew up not having that. Shane agreed and gave a sincere apology. Hopefully the duo got to enjoy their steak, fries, and flan. 

Heather, Jenn, and Tamra met up for some boxing, but all they really wanted was to quit the workout and get a shot of Ozempic instead. Heather was excited she was in escrow with a penthouse in LA. This was the first step in resurrecting her acting career. Because all aspiring actors know, you need money or nepotism to open that door honey. The topic switched to Shannon, and the chess game between Tamra and Heather was on. The two implemented the Sicilian defense, a complex and dangerous struggle where both sides played for a win. 

Tamra opened with sharing she went on a double date with Shannon and John and they seemed super happy. Your move, Heather. Heather knew Tamra and Shannon were buddies again so she blocked the attack with an agreement that they were happy. She was not about to give up any information for Tamra to share with Shannon. Tamra tried to bait Heather again, and brought up Eddie grilling them about not being married. Jenn interjected that they were waiting for the kids to move out, and Tamra thought that didn’t make sense. Right, Heather? Heather knew Tamra was angling so she blocked again and agreed it might be easier for them to wait. It seemed like no one had won, but in her confessional Tamra claimed, checkmate bitch! She had already told Shannon what Heather had said. The game was done.

Million Dollar Listing: Orange County 

The real estate wheels were in motion for both Gina and Heather. Gina was practicing her performance as a real estate agent with boyfriend Travis Mullen, while Heather pondered selling her McMansion. Travis pretended to be the buyer as Gina showed him around her townhome. She knew most of the features, except for the price. Still, she asked if Travis wanted to put in an offer, which was code for put a ring on it. And true to form, he still wasn’t ready to sign the dotted line. Maybe try boiling cinnamon sticks instead of baking cookies next time.

Heather and her husband Terry Dubrow were excited about their LA penthouse, but there was now the possibility to sell their current OC home. Million Dollar Listing’s Josh Altman called them up and said it would be a perfect storyline on the upcoming season of his show. Terry said Heather had been lamenting over managing four house keepers and three landscapers, and maybe it would be better to sell and have only three house keepers and two landscapers. Also, they had the possibility of making a cool $55 million, so there’s that. 

Eddie got messy

The dinner with Jenn, Ryan, Shannon, John, Tamra, and Eddie had finally arrived. Most of the group was nervous as the topics of infidelity and d*ck pics were sure to come up. After some awkward small talk, the group hopped on John’s boat to head over to the restaurant. Everyone ordered mixed drinks and shared hamachi crudo, salmon belly, and some giant Costco sized deviled eggs. Eddie joked he didn’t know how he was going to fit that into his mouth. Ryan ran with that and opened with a crude comment that Jenn could show him how to do it because everyone had seen his d*ck pic. Sigh.

Shannon broke the tension with some humor by asking John if he had ever sent one. She couldn’t even say the word let alone hop onto the “d*ck pic train.” Then she and John left for Tamra, Jenn, Ryan, and Eddie to hash things out. Ryan apologized to Eddie because he had heard the rumor he wanted to sleep with Tamra. Eddie rolled up his sleeves and got messy real quick. He asked Ryan if he was a cheater, did he cheat on his wife, did he cheat on Jenn, and did he say he wanted to sleep with Tamra. Go for it, Eddie!

Ryan admitted he was a former cheater, but he was faithful to Jenn as he had slept with someone else when they were on a break. Poor Jenn felt otherwise, but she knew what she signed up for. He also told Eddie he never said that about Tamra. He had heard from Heather Amin that Tamra said he was hot, and all he did was agree that she was hot too. The group agreed the case was closed and not to talk about it again. Ryan dished he wanted to move forward with Jenn and said he wanted to marry her. Tamra cleared her throat and reminded Jenn she needed to get divorced first. Cheers to that!

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