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Christine Quinn And Maya Vander Respond To Million Dollar Listing’s Josh Flagg Shading Selling Sunset Cast As “Actors”

There’s nothing like a little bit of real estate drama to get you through the week. And there’s some brewing. Million Dollar Listing star Josh Flagg just threw some major shade toward Selling Sunset. However, if there’s one thing we know about the Selling Sunset cast, they don’t back down from drama. So, as Us Weekly reported, Christine Quinn and Maya Vander had to set the record straight with the Bravo star.

The shade fest originated from Josh, who shared a video on Instagram of himself critiquing clips from Selling Sunset. He wrote in the caption, “If you’d like to watch a real estate show with licensed agents, make sure to watch last night’s episode of MDLLA on @peacock.” He continued, “If you want to watch actors pretend to be agents, tune into my newest YT video (Link in bio) where I review Selling Sunset.”

In the video, Josh proceeds to watch what are, in his opinion, the “cringiest” moments from Selling Sunset’s five-season run.

“I was expecting a show about real estate, but apparently, none of these people have licenses,” Josh remarked. “Why do all these people look the same?”

Does Josh not realize that part of the Selling Sunset viewing experience is spending the entire first season not being able to differentiate between the cast members? And honestly, if you want to see authentic real estate TV, tune into HGTV. We watch Selling Sunset for the fashion and the drama, with just a little bit of real estate sprinkled in.

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Of course, when the Selling Sunset cast heard about the shade thrown their way, two of them jumped into the comment section to clap back. Christine, the show’s lovable villain, replied, “The joke is on y’all if you think Selling Sunset was ever about Realestate.”

Maya, who owns her own real estate company in Miami, also jumped in. She corrected Josh’s assumption that the cast members don’t have licenses. She wrote back saying, “Haha, at least I do.. and I sell but @joshflagg1 your comments are funny.”

As the clap backs rolled in, Josh softened the blow by complimenting Christine’s performance on the show over the years. After all, Selling Sunset would have been pretty dull without her.

Josh wrote, “@thechristinequinn I bet your back hurts from carrying the show,” along with a clapping emoji and a crown. Christine replied, “@joshflagg1 takes [one] to know one!”

Interestingly, the only cast members coming to the show’s defense are the ones that are no longer a part of the series. After Season 5, Maya confirmed her exit from Selling Sunset, choosing to focus her attention on her Miami-based real estate group.

Christine announced her departure from the show just a few weeks later. Her time at the Oppenheim Group came to an end, and there was no longer a place for her among the cast. When Season 6 comes around, the rest of the cast will need to bring it to compensate for the lack of Christine. Someone’s got to give Josh Flagg something to talk about.


[Photo Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images]