Dina Manzo Calls Out Real Housewives Of New Jersey Editors; Wishes Teresa Giudice And Teresa Aprea Could Have Made Peace.

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So Teresa Aprea wants an apology from Teresa Giudice for her role in the Victoria Gotti rumor. And Dina Manzo, Teresa’s bestie, agrees that one should be had – but not for the reasons we may think! Dina claims Real Housewives Of New Jersey editors butchered the conversation she had with Teresa and that’s why it looks like she is turning against her friend! 

“I haven’t turned against Teresa,” Dina assures us, speaking slowly for maximum zen-pact in her post-episode vlog. “We’re 1000 percent fine – off-camera, on-camera. The editing likes to make things look a little more juicy than they actually are.” 


Dina explains that a large portion of her conversation with Teresa was edited out, presumably the parts where Dina explained more of why she thought Teresa may want to issue an apology to Teresssa. “You never know what scenes they’re gonna use; I know what I filmed and I know what I said with Teresa. And I know what she was being really stubborn about,” Dina clarified.

“Basically TerESa wanted an apology from Teresa, not for doing anything wrong per se, but just like… for getting in the middle of things,” Dina explains. “My thing for Teresa was, ‘Girl – this is not your issue. This is between Victoria Gotti and TerESa and Rino. Just say you’re sorry for getting in the middle and just move on.’ Because it got me in the middle, and it just started a whole buncha ruckus.” 

Dina says she didn’t feel Teresa was in the wrong, but she just wanted the whole thing to go away. “If you can let it go to make peace, why not?” Dina wonders. But Dina… that’s not how reality TV works! We need manufactured drama! 

Apparently Dina was more in favor of Teresa extending the olive branch to Teresssa so they could open a dialogue and move past things, but that was spliced away in order to make room for conflict. On twitter, Dina continued explaining her position, “Teresa and I don’t agree on everything but we would never go against each other don’t worry all is good!!” 

“I’ll take some heat because they cut out so much u can’t understand what really happened,” she added. Dina also revealed that she wasn’t starting gossip when she brought up the rumor to Teresssa in Florida – Teresa G had let her know it was totally fine to share the story! 

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I guess I still don’t understand why Teresa owes Teressssa an apology? Teressssa is mad that Teresa didn’t defend her against the rumor, but Teresa immediately said it was BS. And Teresssa is mad that Teresa didn’t tell her abut the rumor, but why would she if it is such obvious nonsense. As Teresa said she would laugh if she heard that silliness about her family, and I agree – almost everyone would. Unless some degree of it touched a nerve… Me thinks there is more the editors are leaving out than a conversation between Dina and Teresa!


 [Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo]