Teresa Aprea Calls Victoria Gotti A Liar And Has-Been; Tamar Braxton Calls Kenya Moore Thirsty


Last night after the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live (annoyingly added to our RHONJ episode, making it look like it’d be 90 minutes again!).  Tamar Braxton was also in the house, throwing a few digs at Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore.

Andy commented and asked Teresa Aprea if she felt bad about her scene with the “clink clink” karma diss, saying she took a lot of heat over it on Twitter for “kicking” Teresa Giudice when she’s down.  Teresa A says she did feel bad and that the two of them are okay at the moment. “I did apologize. It came from a place of anger.  It was mean, it was a little harsh. So, I did apologize and I did address the situation.”  Teresa G sees the clip for the first time at the reunion and Teresa Aprea admits that Tre was pissed. 

Andy then asks which one of them called her stupid at the Ladybug event and says that’s a “Gorga” hot button for both Joe and Teresa (to be called dumb, stupid, etc activates the “gorga switch”).  Nicole says “actually I said ARE YOU that stupid. I wasn’t calling her personally.”  Andy thinks it was a great moment of self restraint for her that she held back.  Nicole says “Andy, I’m real.  When I want to say something it just comes out. I don’t hold back for the sake of cameras.  So, I didn’t say ‘you’re stupid’, I said ‘are you THAT stupid’- it’s a little different.” 

Andy says that the Rino Aprea affair rumor started with Victoria Gotti and tells the audience about the latest update – Victoria taking a polygraph test.  She sent Bravo the certified report.  He asks the twins what they make of it.  Andy asks Teresa is she thinks it’s possible that Rino said it, even just in jest.  (Rino is in the audience) Teresa says “I have to be honest with you, no.  I’m a housewife, she’s a hasbeen. I think anything that comes out of her mouth..and I am gonna address it because people have said ‘why haven’t you addressed Victoria Gotti?’ I’m not afraid of Victoria.  Like I said, she’s a liar, anything out of her mouth is just, you know, she’s a has-been.  She’ll do anything for money. ”  Nicole pipes in to say that, “she lied about cancer, her ex-publicist dropped her, she bullied our publicist.  So, she’s gonna make up more stories? Seriously? Bye, Felicia.” 

A caller asks Nicole about Bobby’s cheating rumors and if she believes it.  “No, my relationship is going very well. The cheating rumors I never believed for a second. The one reason why I fell in love with Bobby is because he’s a man of integrity and that’s a great quality that he has so I never questioned that for a second.”

Why blame Teresa Giudice for what Victoria Gotti said?  Teresssa says, “to explain this, it wasn’t as though I was blaming her.  I just wanted her to take responsibility because, between me, I know what goes on behind the scenes.  I’m a housewife. I know for a fact she was very well aware of what was going to be said.  So take responsibility, I’m all about forgiveness.  Everyone screws up.  We’re far from perfect but she could’ve just said ‘I’m sorry.'”  She adds, “that crossed the line.” 

Tamar Braxton was also on the show last night and threw the shadiest shade at Kenya Moore, calling her thirsty and more. See the video below! 


In other Teresa Aprea apology news, she went to Intouch magazine to give a ‘formal apology’ to Teresa. 

I feel it is necessary to address the nasty comment which I directed towards Teresa G. First and foremost, I know how important an apology is when someone says something mean and insensitive towards another human being. I want to say I am sorry to Teresa G and her family for my harsh comment. Just for the record, I am far from perfect. I live and learn and I am evolving every day. I would never intentionally want to hurt another person, I was coming from a place of anger and it was unacceptable. I know that just as the tongue can spread love it can destroy. Being on reality TV unfortunately the good, the bad and the ugly is all caught on camera. I also regret using the word “karma” because my real frame of reference is God the creator. I respect all beliefs but my rock and my foundation is God, who even though we are human we should all strive to lift one another up instead of knocking them down.

Also noteworthy, the poll question last night was ‘who was your favorite housewife this season on RHONJ?’ and Teresa Giudice won with 51%!  Melissa Gorga was 15%, The Twins 15%, Dina Manzo 13% and Amber Marchese 6%.


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