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You’ll never catch a Gotti in a lie, but you will catch an Aprea in one! Victoria Gotti has been under fire for starting a rumor about new Real Housewives Of New Jersey cast member Teresa Aprea‘s husband Rino sleeping with his mother-in-law. To prove she’s not making things up, Victoria voluntarily took a lie detector test on October 3rd! However, the most interesting twist of all is that Victoria claims it was a little birdie who coerced her into spilling the secret in the first place! #HurricaneJimStrikesAgain

According to the lore of Victoria, or in my mind the defacto law of New Jersey, TerESa’s husband Rino Aprea was telling tales that he hooked up with his MILF-y mother-in-law Santa and that is why he and Teressssssa divorced. Teresssssssa and sister Nicole Napolitano have been wishy-washy about denying the rumor, but finally came out and said it’s absolutely not true.


Victoria’s polygraph was administered by Judd Bank of CPI Investigations, who also authenticated the results. Among the questions asked were: “Did Rino Aprea tell you that his marriage had broken up because he had an affair with his mother in law?,” “Are you lying when you state that Rino Aprea told you his marriage had broken up because he had an affair with his mother-in-law?,” “Do you intend to answer my questions truthfully?,” and “Did you ever lie in the past five years to get yourself out of serious trouble?”

“After careful analysis of Victoria Gotti’s polygraph charts, it is felt the polygraph showed no strong and consistent response to the relevant questions asked,” Mr. Judd‘s official report states. “Therefore, in the opinion of this examiner, the subject was being truthful regarding the pertinent questions asked.”

Victoria’s rep Steve Honig confirmed that Victoria did take the polygraph and passed. And he says it isn’t his client who needs a lie detector test! “It would certainly be interesting if some of the others involved in this situation took a polygraph as well,” he remarked. Ahem… Rino – you lie!  

Victoria has always maintained her honesty in the matter. Now the polygraph doesn’t confirm whether or not Rino actually DID sleep with Santa, but it does verify that he told Victoria he did – whether he was making that up for dramatic effect, or not, well we really don’t know! 

Teressssa has accused Victoria of being paid to make the whole thing up! Teresssssa also blames Teresa Giudice for the rumor appearing on RHONJ, because apparently Teresa is the defacto rumor patrol of RHONJ. Santa, has even gone so far as to threaten a lawsuit against Jim for bringing it up during the Florida trip. But interestingly no one is blaming Amber Marcheseexcept for Victoria!

I cannot wait until Victoria makes a surprise appearance at the reunion, because Ms. She Who Shall Not Be Named (except by Drunkeline Laurita) is not happy about the twins making accusations against her! Sources tell Radar Online Victoria was tricked into revealing the rumor and took the polygraph because she was upset about the way “things unfolded” on the show. 

And by how things unfolded, a source alludes that Victoria feels she was set-up by parties that already knew well in advance of the rumor and wanted it shared on TV. “She was manipulated into revealing the story about Rino by Teresa and Amber, and became the fall guy for something that had nothing to do with her,” an insider explains.

Victoria has gone on to defend Teresa both in her legal situation and in Teresssa/Rino rumor, and Teresa G has also seemed to exonerate Victoria as being the culprit in the situation, deflecting the drama onto the twins. 

Victoria is appalled by how these women have acted,” the insider adds. And “is absolutely disgusted by the comments, behavior and complete lack of dignity of the other women.” I dunno guys – both Teresa and Amber both seemed pretty damn authentic shocked when they heard th news, but Amber did keep trying to bring it up on camera, whereas Teresa immediately dismissed it as silly. I guess we’ll find out more at the reunion where a huge blowout erupts between Teresa and Teressssa over the matter! 

Also legend has it the deed went down with Rino while Teressssa’s dad was in prison and Santa was lonely! BTW: You can see a printout of the polygraph results over on Radar. 

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