Bethenny Frankel Says Real Housewives Of New York Feels “New” And “Fresh” Again; Her Opinion On Teresa Giudice’s Sentence

Bethenny Frankel

At first, I was kinda shocked Bethenny Frankel announced her return to Real Housewives of New York prior to any official season seven announcements courtesy of Andy or Bravo, but I’ve since had an ah-ha! moment.

Bethenny‘s currently in the middle of a press tour for her books, Cookie Meets Peanut and Skinnygirl Cocktails, so now she’s promoting the books AND she’s talking about the ratings challenged show. As they say, timing is everything.

In a recent interview with Extra, Bethenny talked about her decision to return to Real Housewives of New York, her personal life, and her reaction to Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice‘s prison sentence.


Bethenny admitted she felt burnt out after her talk show got axed.

“I didn’t know if I really wanted to be on television anymore. At least for a while,” Bethenny told Extra. “I really would like it to be my decision if I stop the train of being in the public eye and being on television. And I think if I didn’t do something else soon that I really thought was good for me, then it wouldn’t have been my choice anymore.”

About her decision to return to RHONY, she added, “It just feels fresh and new, which is kind of representative of where I am in my personal life, which is fresh and new.”

Bethenny said she’s still “in transition” but “in a good place” following her divorce from Jason Hoppy. When asked about her dating life, she shared, “It’s good, because it doesn’t have a tremendous amount of pressure. I have a daughter. I don’t need to get married. I’m financially secure. So to date is just to date. That could be fun. That is fun.”

What’s not fun? 15 months in prison! It is “terrible” said Bethenny.

“I feel for her because it’s time away from her daughters,” Bethenny shared about Teresa facing time in prison. “But they will become stronger as a family. Who knows what would have come later if they were on the same path. Maybe by it all stopping now and having a real life lesson, it’ll make them stronger and they’ll avoid other heartache later.”

Bethenny revealed that her next “big” book comes out in March, adding, “It’s about many of my mistakes.” When asked to share two of the mistakes she wrote about, she said, “Not going with my gut in my personal life versus my professional life. And not really being able to be honest about seeing the big pictures and the road ahead.” 

Huh. Obviously, that is code for 1) Jason Hoppy and 2) Talk Show


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