Horrifying Details Emerge About Mama June’s Boyfriend’s Abuse Against Anna Cardwell; Uncle Poodle Speaks Out!

June Shannon appears on Extra.

One of the most horrifying reality TV stories we’ve ever had to report is the shocking case of Mama June rekindling her romance with Mark McDaniel, the man who spent 10 years in prison for molesting her then 8-year-old daughter Anna (“Chickadee”) Cardwell. This week Anna revealed that as an elementary school student when she initially told June about Mark abusing her, June did not believe her, but luckily a school teacher did and Mark spent 10 years in prison for child molestation.

Upon his release June has seemingly reignited their flame, dumping Sugar Bear, resulting in TLC pulling the plug on the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo empire! June certainly is giving up a lot for tainted love – including the possibility of losing custody of her three minor children: Chubs (17), Pumpkin (14), and Honey herself, Alana. June has introduced Alana, 9, to Mark and the two were photographed together. 

Now details from the police report and trial of Mark McDaniel have emerged revealing the absolutely horrific abuses he enacted against Anna, who was SO brave for coming forward and telling the adults in her life what she was going through. Anna initially told an elementary school teacher, who shocked by the graphic and very specific details of Anna’s story, immediately alerted authorities. 


In a Sheriff’s report from Spalding County, Georgia, Anna described to police and CPS coordinators that the abuse went on from April to October of 2002, when June was living with Mark. She informed authorities “she had she had done the ‘s word’ with Mark, ” a word that ends with ‘x’” and “Mark touches her private parts and sometimes he makes her touch his.”

Anna advised she tells Mark to stop, but he keeps going.” the report states. At the time Anna was living with her grandmother, June’s mother, but visited weekly. Pumpkin, then three, lived with June and Mark full-time!

In even more horrifying details, Lauren Shannon (“Pumpkin”) witnessed Mark’s sexual abuse against Anna! Anna stated Pumpkin is “in the bed with them when this happens.” Anna stated the abuse took place “in her mother’s bedroom when she goes to work.” If you want the complete, graphic details of the report – which are very hard to read and stomach – they are available at Radar Online

Interestingly Pumpkin is fully defending her mother and Mark. She recently slammed “Uncle Poodle” on instagram when he expressed his disgust at Mama June for her interactions with Mark. 

As of now the State of Georgia DFCS is not investigating. Law enforcement agents from Dekalb Georgia told TMZ that Mark, a registered sex offender, has not broken the law at this point. “Mark is not legally prohibited from hanging out with June, Honey Boo Boo or anyone else in her family … except Anna. So far, there’s been no violation.” And although CPS is keeping an eye out unless he is a “real threat” to the children they can’t take action. Wonderful. Lovely. Excellent. Really looking out for kids, there! Awesome. (All sarcasm). 

Basically, unless Mark touches one of June’s kids – or any child – the cops can’t do anything yet, but he is “on their radar”. This is especially scary given Alana’s age (9), in comparison to Anna’s age (8) when her molestation occurred. Anna stated she would not allow Mark anywhere near her 2-year-old daughter, and luckily Anna lives far away and out of state. She said she wants to believe her mom that she is not currently with Mark, but mounting evidence is causing her to question whether or not June is telling the truth. 

Sugar Bear is reportedly looking into getting custody of Alana because of Mark’s involvement in June’s life. He is not the father of Lauren or Jessica. 

Finally, despite all of the horrific stories emerging, June still has a vocal army of supporters who believes she is not involved with Mark. (Even though she even bought the man a car and they were spotted house hunting together!!). 

Recently Uncle Poodle and Pumpkin got into an argument over social media for his comments. June and Pumpkin believe Poodle is leaking “lies” to the media. Pumpkin claims Poodle is “UPSET BC THE SHOW WAS CANCELLED AND THEY NO LONGER HAVE MONEY. THEY HAVE BEEN SELLING FALSE STORIES AND MAKING MONEY. HE TOLD ME EARLIER TODAY THAT HE HOPED MY MOM GOT CANCER AND DIED OF A SLOW PAINFUL DEATH.”


June added, “the TRUTH will come out and ALOT of ppl r going down especially after what I found today but I’m going to stay strong head up high cause ppl r looking 4 me as support like my #1 priority my kids and others right now and that’s all I need in this life cause ppl u thought was your friends will use your shit to commit crimes and will say things just for a few dollars and the run and hide but it will all b exposed soon enough but I just going to sit back and watch KARMA with is a BITCH take over have fun with your life ….”

But Poodle put June on blast by spilling some serious details on Facebook

“So, renting a Tahoe in marks name in macon ga and paid with your Credit Card through enterprise while staying at residency inn off archright road (which is where first story photo was taken by marks son I’m sure) and all this while you told sugar bear (whom you was still with at said time) that you were in LA for press work why not just be honest for a change

You may try to bash me or dig up old dirt but honestly none of it compares to how you have treated my brother and allowed a convicted child molester who molested your oldest daughter to be around your 14 and 9 year olds.

Then you tell me if I step foot on your property you’d call the police on me for trespassing after I told my brother EVERYTHING with photographic evidence and you trying to tell him mark and his son was only there for diapers yet there’s photos or him with you house hunting before the network came down”

Poodle has since deleted the comment, stating he is no longer speaking about June. “No more about June and them, talked to a really good friend and she was right, let it all go there’s nothing I can do about it. Just worry about me and mine and don’t worry about them,” he wrote. 

Well, I certainly cannot imagine how this could get anymore lurid and depraved. I hope Sugar Bear is successful in his pursuit of custody for Alana, and I certainly hope June can sleep at night given her actions. She has absolutely NO sympathy from me! 

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