Mama June Still Denies Dating Child Molester; Claims Family Is Fine! Does Sugar Bear Support Her?

mama june

Mama June doesn’t care what supposed evidence you might have – she continues to deny dating convicted child molester Mark McDaniel and Sugar Bear is right by her side! Man – this story just gets more and more messed up! 

Yesterday Mama June gave an impromptu and bizarre interview about what’s happening in her life since the story broke of her relationship with Mark and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was canceled by TLC as a result of the scandal. Standing outside her Georgia home, June laughed and acted flippantly for the cameras and saying nothing has changed with her family! “The whole truth will come out on my side,” she maintains. 

“We are doing it behind closed doors, that’s how I am. I’m very quiet. I love my family…” June remarked. “We’re just hanging out as a family and handling it privately.”


“The protection of my kids is my number one priority,” June insisted. Ummm… right – that’s why Alana Thompson has been photographed TOUCHING Mark!

Sugar Bear admitted to Daily Mail that he was “a little bit” upset that June was with Mark. “Yeah I’m upset about that,” he said of the reality show’s cancellation because of the scandal.”He’s torn apart by this. He is very concerned,” a source said. “He has no idea what the hell June is thinking right now.” The source added Sugar Bear is “weighing his options” on what to do with custody of Alana and isn’t sure if he wants to try for full-custody. 

As for now Sugar Bear is supporting June and the exes were spotted shopping at Wal-Mart for Halloween costumes last night. Their daughter Alana in tow. Most likely they staged those photos to take the focus of June and Mark scandal – and to cash in! 

Mark was released from prison in March after serving 10 years for sexual abuse. June reportedly dumped Sugar Bear to rekindle their flame. “I don’t wanna date anyone right now,” June insisted, but sources reveal that Mark is definitely a part of June’s life – and must upsetting, the kids life – especially Pumpkin’s

Pumpkin looks to Mark as a father,” revealed an insider, “He raised her from a few months old to age five.” The source adds, “Alana only likes Mark because Pumpkin likes him, but her older sister Jessica (Chubs) is not a fan.” Pumpkin’s paternity has never been revealed by June and many suspect Mark may be her actual biological father. 

During the interview June appeared unconcerned that the reality TV dynamo the family built on the backs of their successful show has come crashing down. “I can’t say anything bad about the show. I can’t say anything bad about TLC,” she quipped to E! News reporters, adding that of course she’ll “miss it.” The family earned $50,000 as a family per episode before the upcoming season 4 was scrapped. The children all had trust funds established by the network, as well. 

TLC has temporarily provided a bodyguard for June and the girls for this week to let the scandal die down. 

E! News sources theorize that June is attempting to angle a payday for revealing the news, or possibly has another book in the works to share her story. 

June also insisted her relationship with daughter Anna, whom was sexually abused by Mark at aged 8, has not changed! “I talk to her — I talk to all my kids. We’re all doing fine,” June insisted. Anna is reportedly estranged from the family and spoke out in several interviews recently detailing Mark’s abuse and questioning whether or not she could trust her mother. 

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