Jacqueline Laurita And Dina Manzo Argue About Family Drama On Twitter

Jacqueline Laurita on Twitter

Jacqueline Laurita wasn’t able to attend the season six Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, so she took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the topics as it aired. Ugh. Raise your hand if you’re shocked. “Not on the reunion but I’ll probably tweet during it,” she tweeted before the show. Probably? HAHAHA! 

Jacqueline focused her attention on Dina Manzo‘s version of the truth about her falling out with Chris Laurita and Caroline Manzo. Just to be clear: I think both Dina and Jacqueline are loons. I’m neither Team Jac nor Team Dina, but Jac’s volatile, obnoxious, drunken tweets bother me more than anything else.


During the reunion, Dina said that she invited her estranged family to Lexi‘s graduation party and nobody came. She went on to say that Jacqueline put a stipulation on their RSVP: meet ahead of time to hash out issues, we’ll come to the party. Dina refused, as she doesn’t want to be around a certain “toxic” person. She’d rather everyone just show up and pretend to be zen.

Dina wouldn’t meet with Chris. I tried to get them to meet,” tweeted Jacqueline. “Seems Dina intentionally left out that we invted Lexi to dinner 2 celebrate her graduation since they didn’t want 2 meet b4hand. NO response!”

When Dina mentioned that she wasn’t invited to Lauren Manzo‘s engagement party, Jac tweeted, “Maybe Dina wasn’t invited 2 Lauren’s engagement party because she told us we were dead to her and that she was dead to us. She got what she wanted.”

Dina went on to talk about how she tried to pretend that everything was fine, to the press and on social media, but nobody else would play along. Like, they totally missed the zen memo. Then she complained about the stress this family feud puts on her elderly parents and the kids who understand.

“Instead of lying to the public that our family was fine, how about sincerely trying to resolve our issues,” argued Jacqueline. “Parents would like that more. I think Dina hurts her parents more by not making amends with family members, never attending family holidays, & making them split their time.”

Lexi is old enough to drive over and talk to her Uncle. If she wanted to or was allowed. Nick understands more than he can say or express.”

Dina chose not to live tweet during the RHONJ reunion. “I will be ignoring all crazy predictable tweets and half truths exposed. #namastebitch #boundaries #done,” she tweeted before the show. Instead, she posted a link to her “Dina’s Truths” video.

Dina’s Truth about Nicholas: “The whole thing makes me uncomfortable. I don’t know why Nicholas is even a subject in me and Jacqueline’s falling out. To me, he is one of my nephews, just like 18 of other nephews that I have, who happens to be on the spectrum of autism. That doesn’t define who he is. It shouldn’t be part of a story line used either against me or in a negative way.”

Dina’s Truth about Bravo Trickery: “When I say I see him and I’m not sad… they cut out what I said first… I know a lot of parents whose children are on the spectrum. I know it’s a struggle. I don’t discount that at all. But when I see Nicholas I don’t get upset. I don’t see sadness. I see joy. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. To look at a boy who’s beautiful and progressing and home with his mom and happy and running around, I see joy in that.”

Dina’s Truth about CJ and Lexi: “What makes me sad: when I see CJ. I knew CJ and he knew me. That makes me sad. Nicholas only knew me as a little tiny baby. He’s not missing Aunt Dina at all. That’s what I meant for the children who understand. Lexi, who grew up with her Uncle Chris and lived with her Aunt Caroline… That’s what really breaks my heart, the kids who really know what’s going on. Nicholas is an innocent bystander in all of this, and I don’t think he should be brought up anymore.”

Dina’s Truth about Kissy Face Jac: “Coming back … it was to set up season 7 … Jacqueline made that very clear on Twitter. To me, this is not a story line. This is not a joke. My parents are getting hurt. My daughter is getting hurt. This is not funny. This is not a story line. That’s where the problem lies with me. And the Twitter fights… the big thing with my brother and sister is, how you can you allow someone to continually attack your sister and sit back and say nothing.”

Responding to massive backlash, Dina tweeted, “Anyone who is leading others to believe my ‘doesn’t understand’ comment was about anything other than age should be ashamed of themselves.”

“I spend EVERY holiday with family just not THAT click. I’m very different than them. I’m the white sheep. I wish you all knew some of my other beautiful siblings. I thank God for them. I want you guys to know I’m totally fine. Walking the walk… calm and protected. Soul bath helps.” Dina‘s soooo pretentious. And unlikable. Like I said, I don’t like – or trust – either one of them. 

Jacqueline took to Twitter this morning to add: “I know Dina got slammed with haters last night. I was upset too after watching RHONJ, but now I’d like to move on. Points been made. Only hurt left.” She’s moving on… until she downs another bottle of wine and feels the overwhelming urge to make more private, family related points on Twitter… in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…


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