Jacqueline Laurita Twitter Rant: Calls Dina Manzo A Liar, Blames Her For Family Split

Dina Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita on Twitter

Dina Manzo appeared on Watch What Happens Live last night. Exactly like her return to Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dina showed up but added nothing. All she managed to do, really, was encourage Jacqueline Laurita to behave badly on Twitter. Not that Jacqueline needs much encouragement.

During the show, Jacqueline tweeted to Andy Cohen, “I asked my husband to reach out to Dina when she went through the divorce. So did I and I encouraged them to meet. She wouldn’t.”

Dina replied, “That’s not true. Just because you say it doesn’t mean it’s true. I wanted to meet with my brother more than anything.” In response, Jacqueline tweeted to Andy, “Chris Laurita favorited my tweet. He knows the truth.” and “I still have our text messages that I can show you.” Does anyone delete texts?


Jacqueline, who lacks a filter and a babysitter, continued to tweet.

When a random follower said, “You are such a great person I can’t see you ever coming between your husband and his sister,” Jacqueline responded, “I would never! She chose the separation!”

Random from Jacqueline: “I’m so grateful to have a husband that truly loves me as much as I love him. We have mutual respect for each other.”

Jacqueline tweeted, “You’re lying is what keeps getting u into trouble Dina in ALL areas of ur life. Y do u keep hurting ur family? You know we’ve ALL tried.”

Dina tweeted, “Maybe if Jacqueline would get off twitter and stay out of it my brother and I can one day mend. DONE with this.” Jacqueline responded, “He tried a few times and you wouldn’t meet with him. #shame”

Random from Jacqueline: “My husband are sitting here together realizing how lucky we actually are to have each other & the great friends & family that we have! #real”

Jacqueline added, “Chris had enough & gave up trying 2 have a relationship with Dina. She has hurt him too much. She’s got 2 make the move. He’ll be here(w/ME).”

When a fan pointed out, “Dina seems to be the common denominator with the family squabbles,” Jacqueline responded, “Bingo!”

Random from Jacqueline: “I know u guys LOVE that we are on a reality show (&onTwitter) & you get a peek into our lives. You must find something relatable in all of us.”

Call me crazy, but I cannot relate to a grown woman who airs her family’s dirty laundry on Twitter. It’s tacky and inappropriate




Photo Credit: Bravo