Bethenny Frankel’s Top 5 Moments On Real Housewives Of New York

 Bethenny Frankel

To remember the good days – and hopefully get a taste of what’s yet to come – below are Reality Tea’s Top 5 favorite Bethenny Frankel moments from Real Housewives Of New York!

If you’re like me, than the news that Bethenny is returning to Real Housewives Of New York sent you scrambling to watch old episodes. You know, so you could remember a time when you actually liked Bethenny before she started sabotaging her marriage and faking story lines on her spinoff Bethenny Never After

After 3 seasons away from RHONY, in which Bethenny divorced, underwent an acrimonious custody battle, TMI’d her every waking moment in tabloids, and attempted to spin herself into a talkshow mogul’s whose only guests were Bravolebrities before being canceled. Now Bethenny, undergoing withdrawal from lack of attention, decided to come back to RHONY to “save the show.”

I don’t know if if will work in the long run but Bethenny promises the show feels fresh and new,  and at least for a few episodes we’ll all tune in to see what she’s up to. Oh, but it already looks like Bethenny is having issues – she’s pretty been absent from filming because ex-husband Jason Hoppy is blocking Bryn from appearing (as per their custody agreement). We’ll see how much of a storyline Bethenny actually gives us besides spilling about why she divorced in an effort to renovate her image and swilling products from the endless well of Skinnygirl. 


rhony scary island

5. Take your satchels of gold, your jelly beans, and GO. TO. SLEEP!

It was hard not to feel sorry for a newly-knocked up Bethenny who was supposed to be on a relaxing “Rejuvenating” girls vacation to celebrate Ramona’s renewal when Kelly Bensimon had a complete break from reality on what is known as “Scary Island.” After Kelly called Bethenny Al Sharpton over undercooked steaks, Bethenny had it and told Kelly to “Go. To. Sleep” Yes, go sleep off your true renewal. 

bethenny takes a pregnancy test on rhony

4. We’re Having A Baby!

My personal favorite Bethenny moment is when she took a pregnancy test on RHONY and let the cameras spy her peeing on the tester stick. Aaaaahhh… no TMI is too TMI for our Bethie. In truth though it was a moment when Bethenny seemed completely authentic and un-contrived over her shock of learning she was going to be a mommy. Awwww… 

bethenny and jill - the epic battle 

3. Your Hobby Shouldn’t Be ME!

Some People (ahem Jill Zarin) are still reeling from being told to “Get a hobby!” Bethenny and Jill started off their RHONY journeys as legit friends but single gal Bethenny skyrocketed up the popularity ladder leaving Jill hanging onto the bottom rung shouting ‘Wait for me!!! We’re supposed to be a team!” While that wouldn’t have won them The Amazing Race, it certainly – temporarily – won Bethenny the reality TV battle. (I would say it’s a draw at this point!)

The ensuing battle got vicious – Bethenny even accused Jill of leaking her pregnancy to the tabloids! Jill was pissed for Bethenny because she didn’t reach out to her while Bawby was in the hospital with cancer, and Bethenny left Jill a voice mail that effectively told her to stop meddling and give her some space. Of course, we didn’t hear the whole message… after a season of the two friends never being able to mend things, including a failed ambush in Ramona’s apartment, a fight at a fashion show over Jill trying to take credit for Bethenny’s life, a sniffling Bethenny cried into her Blackberry on a NYC street, ironically wearing a bright red coat, over Jill allegedly choosing fame over friendship. 

* I really feel like in retrospect I’m partially on Team Jill in all of that, despite her inexcusable behavior, because we now know how crafty ol’ Bethie can be! 

jill zarin and bethenny franked try to make up over latkes

2. But, But… I Made You Latkes!

It went like this: Jill, wearing a pink tutu and some ice skates at her Holiday Bizzare, realized she really needed Bethenny in her life. And like time to let the ice melt.  They finally had lunch. And Jill brought latkes, which if you’re a Jewish mommy, is supposed to fix everything – even the horrible mess you’ve made of decorating your apartment – but Skinnygirls don’t eat latkes. “I feel like we were married and now we’re separated, and I don’t want to be separated,” Jill blubbered. And Bethenny, examining her shiny new engagement ring, replied, “”Well, divorce can be ugly.” Ahhh… ain’t that the truth! 

bethenny frankel hosts a moroccan fashion show

1. Bethenny Hosts A Morroccan Fashion Show

I don’t know why but this is my favorite Bethenny moment. She looked great! She was having fun and she made the funniest quip about LuAnn looking like a drag queen. It reminds me of the Bethenny we all fell in love with. 

My other favorite Bethenny moment was seeing her launch Skinnygirl Cocktails! 


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