Updated: Slade Smiley Surprised Gretchen Rossi With A Fancy Birthday Party; His Son Grayson Battling An Infection In The ICU

Gretchen Rossi's birthday

Former  – but still manages to be invited to every event imaginable – reality TV star Gretchen Rossi celebrated her 36th birthday last week and Slade Smiley threw her a surprise party. A few reality TV star friends, Joanna Krupa, Lilly Ghalichi, Cheryl Burke, Paul Nassif, Scheana Marie, and Michael Costello, helped “the most amazing fiance ever” pull it off. 

“I sincerely cannot believe that Slade pulled this off last night,” Gretchen wrote on Instagram. “I mean to say I had NO idea is an understatement! So many of my sweet friends came to surprise and celebrate me! I’m still on cloud nine!”

“Now @sladesmiley I’m going to kill you because no one has ever been able to keep me out of the loop like that before and surprise me that well! Oh and also because I put my hair in a side braid cause I was tired from my photoshoot and did not want to restyle my hair. Not cute buddy. And you had my mom trick me too! Best Birthday in a long time!!” See photos from Gretchen‘s party below.




How nice for Gretchen… a fancy party in her honor and a chance to show off crop top #153 on Instagram. Meanwhile, Slade‘s son, Grayson, was battling a respiratory infection.

“It has been a rough few days,” Michelle Arroyo shared on Facebook. “Gray got an upper respiratory bug last week that wore him down and sent him into respiratory distress. We had to put him in ICU and back on a ventilator on Saturday. Today he was taken off the ventilator and is doing well on oxygen so hopefully he will maintain his o2 levels and he will be able to go home soon.”

I can’t help but to wonder when Slade last went out of his way to do something meaningful or fun for Grayson. Or surprised Michelle with a check. She would probably need to borrow some of Gray’s oxygen if that happened. Ever.

You can follow Gray‘s journey and/or show your support at Amazing Gray

UPDATE: The co-host of an upcoming fundraiser to help Grayson and his mom Michelle asked us to share some information about the event and we’re more than happy to!  If anyone is around Santa Monica this weekend and attend the fundraiser, let us know!  It sounds like it’ll be a fun time for a great cause!  🙂


Hello Friends! 

Grayson has been in treatment for brain and spinal tumors for eight years. He has endured 16 surgeries and five chemotherapy regimens. He has been on hospice three different times but with a miracle and a lot of hard work he continues to be Amazing Gray.

After every major brain surgery he has to be completely rehabilitated. This time around has been a two year journey of opening up his contracted joints, reconditioning his lungs, learning to swallow and eat, and regain control of his bodily functions. He has had nearly 1000 hours of rehabilitation therapy, splints on his ankles and knees, cognitive therapy and a lot of very painful and challenging work to get where he is now. He is walking without a walker, and we continue to work on his stamina and manage his nerve pain while also improving his balance.

Unfortunately, his oxygen requirements have increased over the past year, so he still requires his tracheostomy and oxygen 24 hours every day. We work hard 24 hours a day to manage his fluid balance; mineral and electrolyte balance; constantly running labs to monitor critical levels

Although our insurance has covered so much of his needs, the out of pocket expense, and necessary equipment to keep him safely at home is overwhelming. We have exceeded our therapy benefits the past two years, and much of the necessary equipment is not covered by any insurance policy. At this time we are focusing on getting oxygen/capnography machine to monitor his lung function while he is home, especially while we are pushing him in physical therapy. An iSTAT machine that will give us important information about mineral/electrolyte balance within minutes, which is critical to prevent seizures or fatal consequences of fluctuations. 

The Talbert Family Foundation has generously offered to match ALL donations during this important time to get Gray the necessary equipment to keep him home during his next stage of rehabilitation. We need your help.

Just a reminder that the Hamburger Mary’s Bingo Fundraiser for the Amazing Gray Fund is just around the corner. If you cannot go to the event but would like to donate prizes or goodies, we would be ever so happy. We are looking for anything that we all like to get as a nice surprise. So please ask all the people that you support all year long if they would donate services, or products.

Gift certificates for hair salons, facials, nail salons, spas, massages, anything and everything that all us guys and dolls need to keep properly primped.

Entertainment – movie tickets, sporting game tickets, restaurants, and all the local spots we all love to go, or would like to try.

Photo shoots and professional services are always a plus! I have a attached a donation form with the tax deductible information and if necessary the Amazing Gray Team would be happy to go do pick ups. 

November 9 – arrive at 5:30 pm for 6 pm Bingo Game

Hamburger Mary’s  

8288 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood


Full menu and bar • Valet and street parking

Benefiting the Talbert Family Foundation Amazing Gray Fund

The suggested minimum donation at the door is $20 and we are hoping to have lots of great prizes and raffle gifts!

Thank you for your support! 


~ we beLIeVE



Photo Credit: Instagram