Gretchen Rossi Calls Tamra Barney A Sociopath; Slade Smiley Talks Son Grayson’s Health


Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley stopped by WWHL to chat with Andy about what they’ve been up to since ‘leaving’ The Real Housewives of Orange County

We start off taking a stroll down memory lane with clips of Slade from when he started in season one of the show.  And then Andy shared a hilarious montage of clips of Tamra Barney (now Judge) slamming Gretchen.  

Gretchen says “Tamra Barney has lost all credibility with everyone, including the viewers. She’s the biggest lying, manipulating, conniving, narcissistic sociopath.  And I say she’s a sociopath because sociopaths don’t even realize that they do anything wrong. All they do is blame everyone else for their mistakes and that’s all she continues to do and the viewers saw it last season.” 

Andy fired off a slew of viewer questions:

Why aren’t they married yet?  “We have a date.  May 23rd.” 

Was the engagement an attempt to stay on OC Housewives? “NO! Absolutely not.  First of all, who does that? who would even do that?”  Slade says “I was trying to propose to her for three seasons.” 

Are there babies in their future?  “Yes. there’s a special coming out on that.”  (They’re going to be on The Doctors on Friday talking about their efforts to conceive). 

Is Slade working?  “I will always be poor because I have a sick child. But very busy working. Radio, still consulting, very busy. ” Gretchen adds that he just got back from doing a mini series in Mexico for the History Channel.  FYI, Slade’s radio show is a self-hosted kind of site and it current is off air and only doing repeats and his Radio Slade website looks like it hasn’t been updated since February.

Who does Gretchen stay in touch with from the show?  “Lydia, Peggy, Jeanna, and actually made up with Lynn, and Lizzie and Shannon and Heather and Terry.” 

How is Slade’s son’s health?  “He’s doing better.  We’re getting ready to do his make a wish.  We’re planning his trip down to Disney World.” 

Does Gretchen feel vindicated that Tamra is doing the same with others now as far as turning on them, provoking, etc.?  “Absolutely. I feel vindicated that it’s finally been proven that she’s such a liar. She’s said for so many years that she’s not a liar she tells the truth and finally it came out that she’s really the one that lies and manipulates and turns things around.” 

Her opinion on Vicki and Brooks, has it changed?  “I never really had an opinion one way or the other.  As long as she’s happy.  She’s a grown woman, she should do what she wants. However, I think there’s a lot of red flags that keep showing up. So she should pay attention to those.” 

A caller challenges Gretchen to say three nice things about Tamra.  “She lies really well.  She manipulates really well.  And she lies and tells everyone she’s just doing it for the show.”

Does Slade still do stand up comedy?  “I do from time to time. It’s rare because I’m really not that good at it. But I sure like it.” 

Did Slade reverse his vasectomy?  “No. Another procedure happened.  There’s some technical things that went on with our challenges with having children.”  They’ll describe their challenges on The Doctors episode. 

What did Gretchen think about Heather’s behavior toward Shannon this past season? “When you told me we were coming on I had to catch up because I had only watched a couple episodes. I didn’t watch the entire season but from what I saw, I think it’s very Heather. I think she believed she was being yelled at and she expressed how she felt. I really like Shannon so I think it was just very back and forth between them.”

Andy reads a message from Tamra live on the show – Tamra says, “Did she come on just to talk about me?  Tell her I said she looks beautiful and I wish her well and best of luck with getting pregnant.”  Gretchen says that’s total B.S. “She is so trying to repair her image after this season.  So, thank you but I don’t believe one ounce of you. You continue to lie to me every time I talk to you, so whatever.” 

Why they did Marriage Boot Camp?  “When they came to us, there was some questions they asked us in the pre-interview and we kind of looked at each other and said ‘wow, maybe there are some areas we need to work on’ and so when we started talking about it, we thought it might be a great opportunity to address some things that we never had addressed before.  And anybody that watched Marriage Boot Camp can see that we went through some trials and tribulations.”

I have so many more questions after their appearance.  In my opinion Andy really played soft with the questions from viewers. 


Photo Credit:  Twitter