Kenya Moore Is Working On Another Song; Announces TV Pilot ‘Life Twirls On’

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Kenya Moore is a multi-faceted former Miss WHO-S-A… she’s a booty workout expert, Hollywood producer, perennial victim, man-handler, chieftess trouble-maker on Real Housewives Of Atlanta, an expert at wielding props, a boaster of a very active imagination, who also does impressions – and of course, she’s also a singer, which means she’s releasing a brand new song! 

After the runaway success that was ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous‘, Krayonce announced plans to record another song! “The song is already written. I haven’t laid down the vocals, but I want to do something soon,” Kenya revealed. “It has a similar feel to ‘Gone with the Wind Fabulous.’ It’s one of those songs that basically says, ‘don’t come for me unless I send for you.’ It’s definitely a dance song.”


“I’m not a singer,” reveals Kenya. Really now? So it’s not Kenya that will be laying down vocal tracks, it’s auto tune! Or perhaps she can ask one of her musically talented co-stars Kandi Burruss or nemesis Porsha Williams to help her out with the singing portion of this song, and just leave the not-so-subtle shade to Madame Krayonce Kenyeficient, herself! 

Kenya credits her idol, Beyonce – you know people say they look alike! – for giving her inspiration.  “I would love to have been in [Beyonce’s] ‘Pretty Hurts’ because that video has a pageant backdrop. It would have been a really nice nod to be included in that as the second Black Miss USA. It’s still a dream, I can still hold out,” she gushed. Somewhere, Beyonce’s attorney is filing a restraining order. 

Kenya isn’t stopping there, however! “I am a producer, I’m an actor, I’m a writer. I wanted to focus on getting back to who I am and what I do best.”

Kenya also has a TV show in the works. No, it won’t be airing on Bravo. And no, it won’t be produced by NeNe Leakes Entertainment – she’s got her hands full with Porsha’s spinoff (or at least that’s what I think!). 

“The first is a TV pilot I’m producing called Life Twirls On,” Kenya tells Jet Magazine. “The TV show is a half-hour comedy loosely based on my life. It’s funny, it shows me in a situation where I have two sisters. We move in together to try and resolve our differences, we’re all at different crossroads in our lives. It’s very exciting. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback.” From whom?

What Kenya is best at seems to be creating works of fiction, so perhaps scripted television is a better fit for her than say, REALITY TV. 


[Photo Credit: Instagram]