Amber Marchese Explains Jim Marchese’s Career Choices, Bashes Dina Manzo, Calls Out Jim’s Social Media Haters


Part three of $#*! Jim Marchese Says, also known as the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, aired on Tuesday. So, with as many words as possible, Amber Marchese took to her blog to clear up a few things about Jim’s career, Jim’s bar exam, Jim’s misogyny, and Jim’s social media haters. Somewhere, Bobby’s hiding in a bathroom and crying, “Jim! Jim! Jim!” #MarciaMarciaMarcia

Jim was a self-made, successful man at a very young age. He has never done drugs and has never been in trouble with the law. He put himself through undergraduate, then through a Masters in Public Administration at Columbia University while working at a pharmaceutical company,” bragged Amber. “Jim was then accepted to law school and once again attended in the evening while working for a biotech company. In addition, Jim was raising his son, Michael.”


Amber added, “After Jim left the biotech company – for reasons I will not get into here, however, I will say that Jim’s actions were nothing short of brave and selfless…” Wow. Brave? Really? I have no words. “…he needed to provide for his two young sons. He began to work in the mortgage industry. In 2001, the real-estate boom hit and he became very successful, so taking the bar exam and practicing law was not economically valuable for him or his two boys.”

Amber went on to call out Andy Cohen for suggesting one just bangs out the bar exam. Then she took the opportunity to rub Jim‘s education in everyone’s face. Too bad he can’t go to school to learn how to be a decent human being.

“Sorry, Andy, I mean no disrespect, but you just don’t ‘bang out’ the bar exam, especially with two small children and a lucrative career,” snapped Amber. “If the other cast members think it is so easy, tell them to get their bachelors, masters, and then a law degree before making ignorant statements about something that they have no clue about.”

Amber continued, “Fast forward to 2013. The turn of the economy and the nature of his industry were very tough. Despite knowing how difficult it is raising 4 children on top of working full time, I really pushed for him to take the 2 months needed to study for it.  <blah, best wife, blah, useless statistics, blah> In simple terms, it’s a really hard test that a lot of smart people with nothing else to do but study for it, fail. And for the record, my husband passed with flying colors. However, you just don’t shut down a successful company, Jim still runs Mortgage Now as this has been the best for our family so far.”

Jim runs a business? While single-handedly keeping Twitter in business? Let’s bow down to His Royal Awesomeness! Another issue Jim, err, I mean Amber addressed is how Jim talks to women. He, err, I mean she is fed up!

“Not one of the men sitting up on that stage has any right to cast stones, when they have a history of being disrespectful to women and men, and even in some cases their significant others. I am not getting into specifics,” Amber said. “Jim has never treated me as anything but as a lady, with respect and dignity. The only two women that he said anything negative to have repeatedly said nasty, vulgar, and disrespectful things to him. And even then, he did not call them whores, c—-, bitches, or anything of that nature. What is he supposed to do? Take it, because it comes from a woman? Do we live in the Stone Age here people?”

Please note: Amber‘s not getting into specifics. But Dina Manzo – specifically – is a nuisance. “Dina made nasty, potty mouthed comments to him without him even saying one word to her. Dina thinks she has that ‘bitch face’ down pat, but the only thing she looks like is miserable curmudgeon. Bobby came at me pretty hard; you don’t see me whipping out my woman card. I wouldn’t respect him if he treated me like a little old weak woman who can’t take it when I give it! I commend Bobby for saying what he wanted to say to me and not treating me like a frail daisy.”

Because there’s no end to her arrogance, Amber chose to wrap up her final blog by chastising fans for judging and/or attacking her and her husband on social media. Because Jim is the poster child for Social Media Etiquette.

“A comment I hear all the time is, ‘You’re on reality TV so you should expect to be ridiculed, abused, and harassed on social media.’ And I say to that, ‘Bullsh–!’ My reality does not include that,” Amber insisted. “Jim and I and our family are blessed with a beautiful life of love and happiness, with some bad times for sure, but strength to get through it all. Just because we are on a reality show does not mean that it’s the viewer’s job to hurt and destroy because they see us on TV. None of the cast deserves this and it sickens me when I see my cast mates suffer. Shame on you who try it.”


Photo Credit: Bravo