Dina Manzo Quitting Real Housewives Of New Jersey After An Epic Fight With Jim Marchese?

dina manzo hosts project ladybug charity on rhonj

If only Real Housewives Of New Jersey were as exciting ON TV as it is off TV.  As we all know Dina Manzo is like a reproductive breeding ground of zen (zensanity!) and Jim Marchese is like… a breeding ground for mass destruction of Housewives on a whole ‘nother level! Needless to say, they don’t really get along.

The two have been sparring for a while but they really got into it at the RHONJ reunion. And then Dina and Jim really, really got into it on twitter! It got so intense that Dina has stated she will not return to the show. 

The latest drama started when Jim started making accusations bout Dina’s charity Project Ladybugjim marchese accuses project ladybug of being shady


Jim accused Dina of hiding the truth about her charity – and went so far as to research tax returns! Jim works for the government you know, he has access to all things. #sarcasm

Jim further went on to accuse Dina of paying Abbey Feiler-Kober, the VG lookalike friend of the Twins whose house was used for the finale fashion show, for being part of the show! In actuality Abbey is a friend of Bobby Ciasulli, Jim says, and he is responsible for getting Bobby, the twins, and ABBY onto RHONJ after production hired Amber Marchese

Jim says he acted as a talent broker for Abbey to get her on the show and had her under contract stating he got paid if she got paid, which is how he was able to “prove” Abbey was paid by Bravo for usage of her home. “I submit them for TV, if they get paid I get a cut,” he tweeted.




Jim directly asked Dina on twitter if Project Ladybug pad Abbey for use of her house. Something Abbey vehemently denies. “Shut up Jim,” she stated on twitter. “No contract with you and I accepted no money for the event.”

Dina finally responded to tell Jim to go to hell! 


Jim claims he wasn’t trying to call out Dina, but expose Abbey “how she made money off of sick kids.” Jim also claims that Dina chose to focus her animosity on him this season because she didn’t want to fight with the girls but needed a storyline! 


After allllll of that Jim recanted his claims about Project Ladybug and insists he was just doing “research” to make sure the charity was legit. You know, because he’s big-hearted and all that. “@dinamanzo I’m very happy to report that after detailed review of 2007-12 Tax returns: LADY BUG donations have been properly used! #RHONJ,” Jim announced. “Better someone like me to set record straight. Cause everyone knows I am not her fan so I really looked. She is legit!”


After the whole debacle Dina seemed to realize that RHONJ is definitely NOT for her! As if her DOA appearance didn’t prove that. When asked if she had any interest in returning for season 7, Dina answered, “NONE my soul can’t be around horrible people.” 

“You guys r so loyal~I’m very lucky to have ur support, appreciate all the kind tweets! I’ll be on wwhl this Sunday! Call In your questions!,” Dina added.

As for the Project Ladybug charity event, Dina says they raised a lot of money for the cause. “Everyone did their part for the event! So grateful…we raised 50k! Delivered the check with @abbeyfeiler & the girls to Sloan.” (Sloan meaning Sloan Kettering) 

Jim… Jim… can you verify? 

Just for the record, Jim also wants it cleared up that although he did not attend the Project Ladybug event, he did donate, but that was not aired.

I caution you, do not try and follow this story on twitter – it is literally the black hole of insanity and you will feel like you entered the Matrix, or got trapped in a nightmare ala the movie Inception. Except there is no foxy Leonardo or Keanu on any other side of it. Jus take it from me kids – stay the hell away from a RHONJ twitter feud. 

[Photo Credit: Bravo]