Mama June Appears In The New ‘Dumb & Dumber To’ Movie?!

 mama june appears in dumb & dumber to despite relationship with child molester

Well, I can’t say Mama June was cast inappropriate because her actions are both dumb and dumber (more like gross and grosser), but the former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch just announced that she’s appearing in the new Dumb & Dumber To movie!

Let’s all just first recognize that this was filmed before TLC canceled Honey Boo Boo because of June’s relationship with convicted child molester, Mark McDaniel. And before we all learned that it was the same man who actually molested June’s daughter Anna Cardwell

Anyway, June announced on Facebook that she is appearing in a cameo role as Jeff Daniel‘s wife in the new film.


Putting aside what June refers to as “all the craziness” of her daughter revealing to the world what a terrible mother she is, June is “excited to announce” her new film career. Perfect timing since she was just fired from reality TV! 

“I’m going to be in the new dumb and dumber to movie that premieres today in theaters will b playing Jeff Daniels wife in one of scenes I am very appreciative for the opportunity and the experience of doing something like this,” June gushed. A quick peek at IMDB confirms June did appear as “Harry’s Trailer Park Wife” (apt casting). 

“The Farley brothers and the whole crew was awesome and Jim Carrey was just as funny in person as he is on TV I loved every minute of it and thank u it a must watch movie if u loved the first one I definitely will b watching.” I have to wonder if June’s scenes have been cut (or reduced) from the film in response to all the negative publicity – I would hope so! She has not been doing any press for the movie, which premiered this weekend. 

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In other news, predictions that June would try to spin the TLC firing as a media opportunity seem to be coming true! She will appear on Entertainment Tonight for an interview this evening, and tomorrow will be on Dr. Phil to discuss her relationship with Mark and spew more lies reveal “the truth” which she promises will vindicate her.

June’s daughter Anna has been speaking out about how her mother didn’t believe that Mark abused her and still does not believe her, nor apologized to her. Anna has also stated that her relationship with sister Pumpkin has been destroyed over June’s affair with Mark after June manipulated Pumpkin into believing Mark was her father. June announced last week that both Pumpkin and her other sister Chubs were fathered by different child molester. Seriously the yuck factor is too extreme. 

June also boasted that the Honey Boo Boos will be doing their “annual Christmas fundraiser” and they would like people do donate by mailing toys to Wilco Luvs Kids for an event where Sugar Bear will play Santa. June is reportedly using Sugar Bear to pretend their relationship is back on to distract the media from her relationship with Mark


[Photo Credit: Dumb & Dumber To]