Kourtney And Khloe Take The Hamptons Recap – 30 Years And 30 Days Is Not Looking Good


Last week’s episode of Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons was such a doozy and now Scott Disick has to man-up and get his act together.  While Kourtney Kardashian is still in LA, he realizes he shouldn’t be alone at the beach house and heads into the city to be with his friend, Chris.  At Chris’ house, he has a heart-to-heart with him about how he needs rehab and Chris could not agree more.  

Back in LA, Kourt has an OB/GYN appointment and brings Kendall along. They do an ultrasound and afterwards, Kourt tells Kendall that Scott is going to rehab.  Kendall is all, “For what???”.  Dear God, Kendall get a clue.  Has she met Scott? Kourt is encouraging rehab, but doesn’t want to force him.  Um, you have 3 kids! Make him go and if it doesn’t work then you can let him do what he wants.  Scott finds himself checking into a hotel the night prior to checking-in to a facility in Connecticut.  Kourt is flying back to bid him farewell but Scott decides to book it and just get a head start because he’s afraid he’ll bail on the plan if he sees the kids.  Good for Scott! I’m rooting for him to hang in there for the full stint.  He has so much at stake.  
On a happier note, the ladies are prepping for Khloe’s 30th birthday party and ughhhh Khloe just wants to lay around in her PJs and do nothing.  I hear ya!  But they go on a booze cruise in NYC and French mumbles a subtitled toast per usual and down a few shots to get over the pain of turning the big 3-0.  The yacht docks at a restaurant in the Bronx where French surprises Khloe with a party and Jeep.  I have zero opinion on French – I don’t dislike him at all, I just don’t really have anything to say, he’s just kinda boring and I’m bored watching this segment. 
The next day, Chris, Scott’s friend, meets with Kourt to give her an update on Scott’s status at rehab.  Scott goes back and forth about wanting to stay and Kourt is praying that he stays – she makes a great point in that he’s come this far he needs to stick it out. Although Scott is absent, he still has a boat delivered to the Hamptons house.  Honoring Scott’s spirit, Kourt takes that family for a boat ride and I am still keeping my fingers crossed Scott stays in rehab as he’s missing out being with his family.
The whole crew is at the Hamptons house for the next few days post Khloe’s birthday party and Kris decides to give Khloe a pep-talk about how turning 30 isn’t the end of the world and it goes awry pretty fast.  Kris not so subtly tells Khloe that she may have moved on a tad too quickly from Lamar and hasn’t had time to really deal with the crazy divorce that has been going down.  Oh no. Khloe has devil horns pop out of her head and screams back at Kris that if she had her way she’d still be married to Lamar.  Really???? I mean, really Khloe?  You are so sensible most of the time and other times, you are a complete 180 of everything you preach. 
Kris reports to Kim about back about how that little encounter went and now Kim attempts to cheer Khloe up by comparing her 30th birthday anxiety attack to Khloe’s feelings.  According to Kim, immediately after her two-second bout with fake depression after her three-second failed marriage, she finds Kanye, has a baby and gets married and poof! Life is perfect.  This is a terrible story in my opinion and totally narcissistic of Kim.  How does that make Khloe feel any better??? So, is the answer to a happy life getting married and having kids? Not necessarily and now Khloe thinks she’ll only be happy if she finds Mr. Right and has kids.  Ooof, this looks like it will be a very long year for Khloe.
Now that everyone is cheery again, Khloe reminds Kris and Kim that the therapist for Kourt is on her way over to the house.  Kim takes Kourtney to lunch to ensure Kourtney doesn’t get wind of the covert operation to surprise Kourtney with some much needed professional chit chat.  During said lunch with Kim, Kourt basically spills to Kim that she talked with Scott and she needs space.  Kourt isn’t saying they are broken up – but she needs him to figure his stuff out with all the booze and drugs before they decide to make any drastic decisions. 

The therapist, Leigh, arrives to house and Kris and Khloe debrief her on the sitch.  Leigh, who has met with Kourtney before, hits the nail on the head within a minute of the conversation and assumes she’s putting a band-aid over her issues just to get through the summer.  When Kourt gets home from lunch she plops into the coziest-looking robe I’ve ever seen in my life and am ordering online as I’m writing this recap.  Khloe breaks the news to Kourt that they have lined up a therapist for her that day – she actually delivers a heartfelt plea explaining why Kourtney needs this right now.  Surprisingly, Kourt doesn’t fight back, albeit slightly annoyed, she goes through with the meeting and we’ll find out next week what comes of it. 

The preview for next week shows Kim doubting the trust of her close friend, Jonathan Cheban, as the ladies think he might be a leak to the press.  The clip involves Kim laying on the couch with a dozen donuts and I think that’s enough to get me to tune in.  I’m bored with this season – if the whole Scott situation wasn’t going on, and it’s hanging on by a thread – I’d be dunzo with this show. I think there is a holiday cookie competition I could be watching right now…

Recap Author: Bonnie K.


Photo Credit: E!