Brandi Glanville Insists She Took “100% Full Responsibility” For Hurting Adrienne Maloof

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Last night on The Brandi Glanville Show – formerly the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Brandi bragged about making out with a 23-year-old meathead mover, stalked her on-again and off-again boyfriend J.R., and apologized to Adrienne Maloof for her offensive mouth letting Lisa Vanderpump force her to say mean things. Seriously Bravo? Where, oh where, is Eileen Davidson?? I need way more Beverly Hills and way less Beverly Hillbillies.

Brandi took to her blog to explain the situation with J.R, gush over the only two people on the show who still tolerate her, Yolanda Foster and Kim Richards, seethe with jealousy over Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump‘s riches, and pat herself on the back for apologizing to Adrienne after two years. Did Apollo Nida write a how-to book about Real Housewives apologies?


About the demise of J.R. & Brandi 4 Ever, she shared, “Last year when our group went to Puerto Rico I invited J.R. to join us, but he said he had to stay home and work and that he couldn’t afford to travel. Right after he said that he told me he was in love with me. I guess I was silly to assume that meant we were a couple. While we were in Puerto Rico, J.R. said he needed to go to his favorite place in Italy to have a much needed vacation… um, yes, I was confused also. He flew to Italy and had an affair. When he told me about the affair, I tried to make excuses for him and even forgave him.”

“We were an on-again-off-again couple until I left for Celebrity Apprentice. We were out of touch for the weeks I was in NYC shooting. I returned home from NYC, and the woman he had the affair with was now living here from Europe in my town.”

Brandi explained Kim‘s decision to stalk J.R. for us non-crazy people. “Kim decides we should stalk J.R., because in her head, if I were to see him with the other woman then I will somehow get completely over him. It didn’t really make sense to me, but I was sure it would be an adventure.

“I have never stalked anyone before, but I assumed we would be wearing black and trying to go unnoticed. I arrive at Kim‘s house, and she is wearing a bright yellow shirt, white jeans, and tons of jewels and tells me she has costumes for us to put on. I’m game, because we always have fun together, though I’m not really sure that I want to see J.R. with the other woman, but at least I have Jake Ryan to keep my mind off the deceit and heart break. As I have always said, ‘If he cheats with you, he will cheat on you,’ so I decide to try and put J.R. (the older one) in my past once and for all (or so I thought).”

Moving on to her RHOBH besties, Brandi said, “When I see David walk into his kitchen to find Yolanda in lingerie all I can say is wow! She has a perfect body and David is one lucky man. There is not one ounce of fat on Yolanda’s body when she is complaining to her housekeeper, but I get it. We are all our own worst critics. I really see that Yolanda and I feel the same way about Kim. She is a sweet soul, and we kind of feel like we need to take care of her in a way. Kim has a lot on her plate and we want to be there for her.”

A jealous and bitter Brandi added, “In the news of the other ladies, it was lovely to see Kyle‘s family go on yet another vacation, and I am thrilled to know that Lisa V. now has two housekeepers.”

Brandi said she took full responsibility for hurting Adrienne. #delusional “I’m in a pretty good headspace in my life after the experiences I’ve been through over the last year, and I’m ready to make peace with Adrienne Maloof. I run into her often, and it is very uncomfortable to know and see someone and not even say a simple hello.”

“I decided to ask Adrienne to go for coffee when I saw her at the annual White Party, hoping we could clear the air, and I wanted to apologize for my part in our argument. I 100% take full responsibility for what I said. I shouldn’t have said it, and I will not say it again. I was very surprised and happy that Adrienne was so receptive to moving forward with me. In this group it’s very important to keep your own voice and not pick sides. I have learned my lesson and now say hello to Adrienne every time I run into her.”


Photo Credit: Bravo