apollo nida vs. kenya moore

Kenya Moore has been the victim of Apollo Nida‘s lies for years over sext-gate. After initially saying she wanted to apologize to Kenya for calling her a “whore” based on Apollo’s tales of cheating, Phaedra Parks has now placed Kenya at the bottom of her priority list. But has Kenya decided to forgive her anyway? 

A source says that although Kenya no longer feels anger towards Phaedra, and accepts that Phaedra was reacting to Apollo’s lies, but she still hopes to receive an apology. Apparently it’s a matter of principle to the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star. “She’s tired of all the lies and the scorn that Apollo has caused,” an insider close to Kenya explains. “Now that Apollo has come clean and told Kenya face-to-face that he lied about her, she instantly forgave him. She no longer harbors any hatred in her heart for him.”


Apparently for Kenya, Apollo’s prison sentence and being away from his sons is punishment enough. ” He’s in prison for a long time. He’s going to have more than enough time to hate himself for what he did to his wife and children,” explains the source. Kenya also hopes Phaedra will also forgive Apollo for the sake of her sons and allow them to visit. “Kenya believes those two boys need their father,” a source added.

Kenya thinks he’s still human and would hope that Phaedra would be that Southern Belle and take her children to see their dad,” the source told Hollywood Life. “It’s the right thing to do and given how Phaedra is always right and proper, this would be a no brainer for her.”

However, although Kenya has forgiven Apollo and understands Phaedra’s behavior, she still hopes Phaedra will be a big enough person to apologize for her actions. 

Kenya “wants to move on from the shame and torment he’s caused, but wants all the women, especially Phaedra, to apologize to her and truly mean it,” says the insider. “To her, that would mean the world. She’s already forgiven Apollo because he’s come clean – now it’s the women’s turn.”

Tonight is a new episode of RHOA. Claudia continues to integrate herself into life in Atlanta, including revealing painful aspects of her past. Kandi arranges a sit-down between the entire cast, which brings Phaedra and Kenya face-to-face for the first time since they learned of Apollo’s apology for lying, but things don’t go as expected! Furthermore it also brings NeNe and Cynthia together for the first time which erupts into an argument. 

Kandi and Todd also decide to sell Mama Joyce‘s old house and learn that the condition is horrible, much to their surprise!

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