On this week’s episode of Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons, Scott Disick and Kourtney reveal that their third baby is going to be a boy and they are so excited.  At least, I think. I can’t really tell but they seem mildly happy. 

They pack up the car and head to the beach.  While on said beach, the wind is going crazy and Scott comments how it would be a perfect day for sailing.  This leads to Kourt discreetly mentioning that she is a certified sailor.  You know, she was in camp in upstate New York, when she was eleven.  I know nothing virtually nothing about sailing, but guessing sometime between the age of 11 and 33 you’d have to renew a license for that.  What’s even more hilarious is that this is the first time Scott and Khloe have heard of such ridiculous BS from Kourt – so they are going to absolutely call her out on it.  A plan is in the works to have Kourt put her money where her mouth is.

Khloe is now back at the house having a business call with momager, Kris Jenner, about her potential radio show.  Khloe realizes that they have a bazillion dollars and since the advertisers are not interested in Scott being her co-host, Khloe decides to pass.  Good for Khloe as she is more concerned about Scott’s well-being during his sobriety and wants him to be her co-host on a podcast instead.  Her crazy-ass mom (who has ice for blood) was all “This is business Khloe, forget about damn Scott”. Oh man, she is ruthless!!  Scott is super excited to do the podcast and Kourt is on cloud nine with how thoughtful Khloe is towards Scott. 

Turns out the first podcast is occurring in an actual bathtub.  Scott and Khloe are very excited and it appears they have good chemistry.  They’re hoping some radio station tunes in and offers them a contract.  Um, not sure about that!

Post-podcast, Scott and Khloe surprise Kourt with a sailboat on their dock in the backyard to make Kourt prove she can sail. They all pile in the boat and Kourt fails miserably.  Water is filling up fast and Scott falls overboard.  Miraculously, they make it back in one piece and Kourt is forced to admit she’s not the best sailor she bragged about days ago. 


Later that week, Scott and Khloe are supposed to star in French Montana’s music video and Khloe shows up but Scott is nowhere to be found. Even though it’s Ramadan (where French is observing a fasting period so absolutely no food or drink including booze) but music videos are known for having loads of booze and drugs so Scott doesn’t want to even think about the alcohol that is on set so he flakes and avoids the shoot like the plague.  In a very unprofessional manner, he doesn’t call to cancel, he just doesn’t show up.  After 3 hours of being a no-show, they get a hold of him and he dances around the issue about not wanting to drive to Jersey for it, etc.  Ugh – just when Scott was scoring points with me and especially after everything Khloe did for him by turning down the radio show – he’s just really lazy and kinda princess-y after all. 

Khloe is embarrassed and pissed and when she returns to the beach house, she has a little sit-down with him about it during their next podcast.

Scott continues to make-up BS excuses why he didn’t show to the video shoot to Khloe and she storms off.  When he walks into the house to garner some sympathy from Kourt – Kourt reveals that Khloe gave up a Sirius radio contract to host her podcast with Scott instead.  He feels like a total d-bag and can’t believe how nice it was of her to do that.  He comes crawling back to Khloe, apologizes, they’re back to being best buds. 

Next week, Kim is on the hunt for a bigger place in NYC and it just so happens to be the same building where Kris wants to buy into as well. Barf. There are thousands of condos to choose from in NYC – what the hell Kris???  Stay tuned!

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