Does Tori Spelling Need Rehab? Dean McDermott’s Ex-Wife Thinks So!

tori spealling is accused of needing rehab by dean mcdermott's ex-wife mary jo eustace

It’s no secret that Tori Spelling is a big ole’ mess – her marriage is in shambles, she’s selling her soul to reality TV, she’s completely broke, and suffering from mysterious health scares – but does she also need rehab?

According to Dean McDermott‘s ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace (aka the woman Dean was married to when he cheated with Tori), Tori is in shambles and needs some serious help!

Mary Jo filmed scenes with Tori for the reality show True Tori, which she describes as alarming and potentially dangerous. Despite the fact that it was Dean who went to rehab, Mary Jo believes it’s actually Tori who needs it! 


“Sadly, now I actually know what goes on behind the scenes in their home and that is even more tragic than what makes it on camera,” Mary Jo expresses.“Tori needs rehab more than him.” Mary Jo has remained relatively silent about her divorce from Dean and his subsequent relationship with Tori, but because Dean and Mary Jo share a son together she remains involved. 

Mary Jo, however, was tired of Tori painting her as Brandi Glanville the spiteful ex-wife, and wanted set the record straight from Tori’s Stori-telling so she agreed to to appear on True Tori “to rewrite the narrative that I was the older, bitter wife.” Mary Jo says she also wanted to demonstrate that despite horrible circumstances – the affair – adults could put the children first. “I wanted to show how we as a blended family could move forward and be civil and respectful,” she explains to In Touch Weekly. 

Unfortunately what she saw was frightening and truly dysfunctional! Mary Jo says Tori and Dean were constantly fighting in front of their 4 children, that the house was a mess, and it was completely out of control. “She needs serious help for the hoarding issue — she’s admitted her kids aren’t even fazed by her extended hospital stays anymore,” Mary Jo recounts. “And all their fighting in front of the children — it’s so dark.”

Tori reportedly spends thousands per month on storage units to house surplus items, all the while the family is broke and living in over-priced rental, after over-priced rental and relying purely on reality TV for income – which is causing further strife in their relationship as Dean is tired of it and did not want to participate in another season of True Tori

Mary Jo accepts that Tori’s issues are much deeper than they seem – including “crippling insecurities” about her mothering abilities, and a fraught relationship with her mother Candy Spelling. Mary Jo says Tori was extremely worried about any interaction Mary Jo might have with Candy when they were filming a scene for Hattie’s birthday party. 

Tori came up to me in a panic and said, ‘What were you talking to my mother about? My mother takes all my friends.’ It was so incredibly sad and disconcerting,” Mary Jo shares.

Ultimately, Mary Jo believes Tori needs to stop living in the past and start moving towards a more positive future for her children. “She needs counseling to stop blaming her parents for her issues and take responsibility for the things that got her in this situation.”

Sounds like Tori needs a major reality check  – and not the kind that Lifetime is writing


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