Teresa Giudice’s Ex Crisis PR Manager Wendy Feldman Is Writing A Tell-All

teresa giudice's ex crisis pr manager wendy feldman

Add hiring Wendy Feldman to the list of Teresa Giudice‘s bad decisions! After firing Teresa as client (because Teresa took her ATTORNEY’s advice over Wendy’s), the famewhore masquerading as a crisis PR manger claims she’ll be writing a tell-all about the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star. I smell a lawsuit in 3…2…1!

Wendy confirms that she inked a deal to tell her story, but insists some of the book will be about her own life as she turned herself around from ex-con to professional crisis manager. There will, of course, also be lots of stories illuminating how Teresa’s life fell apart; Wendy believes that started when she terminated her professional relationship with Teresa. Uhh… Wendy, Teresa was already headed to prison when she hired you, so yeah, not quite, but keep trying! 


“There will be several chapters in my new book dedicated to my time spent working with Teresa Giudice,” Wendy tells preeminent news outlet Radar Online. “From the day I met her, until the day I quit, and how Teresa went downhill so fast after that.” To me, it seems Teresa is fine considering – I mean, other than trying to sue her bankruptcy attorney.

Since getting “fired” by Wendy (Wendy also claims Teresa attacked her) Teresa has refrained from media, reportedly already inked her own tell-all deal and is working with Bravo on a spinoff, plus she got the prison assignment she is hoping for – Danbury. Instead of famewhoring herself out all over town Teresa has buckled down, is working, and spending time with family and friends before heading off to prison – but keep telling yourself that you deserve a cannoli for saving Teresa’s life, Wendy!

Among the many claims Wendy wants to bring to our attention is that Teresa was impossible to work with. “I had to juggle so many things while working with Teresa, including many of my other non-celebrity clients. It was a constant struggle with Teresa to get her to take responsibility for her actions, and I was basically on call for her 24/7.” Andy Cohen has stated Teresa is always a consummate professional, although she does seem to be missing the chip that turns off DENIAL, because despite being a professional REALITY TV star Teresa lives everywhere but reality and definitely does not get it – or anything.

Wendy wants us all to know that although she’s using her only celebrity client for publicity and attention, the book won’t JUST be about Teresa, oh no – it’s about much more than that! “The book won’t be only about Teresa, and will reveal how the judicial system really works, especially in the world of celebrity and public opinion. It will be a fascinating read.” Don’t we already have Serial for a fascinating glimpse at the judicial system (Please tell me you people are listening to that! If you’re not, start right now!) 

And Wendy insists, she has the best of intentions. “I wish Teresa only the best and hope she learns and grows from her time behind bars.” Uh-huh. Wendy is as delusional as former client – she worked with Teresa for about 6 minutes and basically spent the entire time talking about her to any media outlet that would have her and using her to get attention for herself. Wendy – nobody cares about you and we already know Teresa is a total nightmare – we have RHONJ for that – but when Teresa’s tell-all comes out, you bet it will hit the best seller list!


[Photo Credit: TNYF/WENN.com]