Brandi Glanville Talks Kenya Moore’s Weirdness; Reveals Teresa Giudice Is Filming Before Prison!

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Brandi Glanville has heard the expression loose lips sink ships, but she doesn’t care! In her very unfiltered podcast she calls out Kenya Moore for being weird and desperate, but has nothing but love for Teresa Giudice as a fellow sister who’s been scorned. 

Unfortunately worlds of ultimate evil collided when Brandi and Kenya both joined the cast of Celebrity Apprentice, premiering next month, and the two really REALLY did not hit it off! Brandi is spilling all about Kenya’s odd behavior and her nefarious ways – and we cannot wait for Krayonce to strike back in 3… 2… 1! 

“I’m watching Real Housewives Of Atlanta right now and what’s on my mind is how evil Kenya Moore is,” Brandi comments. “She’s just miserable and she also wants to get attention for herself.”


Describing Kenya as “yucky,” the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star also reveals that Kenya has some peculiar habits! Like: “She’s obsessed with that [Miss USA] crown!” We don’t call her Miss WHO-S-A for nothing. Apparently Kenya took every opportunity to remind people that many moons ago she held the title. 

Brandi doesn’t stop there as she dished on Kenya’s bizarre contract stipulations for Celebrity Apprentice. “She’s uhhhh… an interesting person. In her contract, she has it written in that they’re not allowed to film her eating. And she eats – like bitch eats!” Brandi reveals. “I understand why she doesn’t want them to show her eating, because I saw her eat – it’s not pretty. She would literally go into a corner and eat!” Brandi adds, likening Kenya’s table manners to “like a pig.”

Talking about Krayonce’s famous (or infamous) booty, and Brandi is on team Phaedra Parks in believing it’s full of Made in Mexico silicone. “It’s too perfect – like two glazed donuts,” she comments. “There’s no cellulite – it’s like super tight skin and the rest of her is not, so I just feel like it’s gotta be fake!” Brandi adds that Kenya’s curvaceous derriere doesn’t go with the rest of her physique (in Brandi’s opinion), “She’s built like a guy. She’s real big.”

“I do want to ask her about this one thing that bothered me the whole time we were together: she always had tags on all of her clothes – every single outfit she wore always had tags. Was she taking it back?” Brandi wonders. “Vivica [A. Fox] and I were like, ‘Don’t you own any of your own clothes?!’ I don’t want to wear stuff that Kenya Moore returned. Ew – disgusting.” Brandi also says that Kenya sweats a lot and the thought of getting close to Kenya causes Brandi panic attacks.

GOOD. LORD. MEAN beyond mean

Of course with all this vitriol directed at each other, Brandi explains the origins of feud and it stems from Brandi claiming she was misquoted in an article. In said article Brandi was recorded as saying Kenya “reeks of desperation” over begging men to marry her. “You can’t say to a guy, ‘My clock is ticking! Are we gonna get married?!’ It’s desperado,” Brandi advises, so she pointed out that Kenya was looking pathetic. You can read that original article here

Brandi continues, “[The magazine] took out the ‘marry me’ part and I was quoted as saying ‘Kenya Moore reeks of desperation,'” she laughs. “I tried to explain it to her when we were in NY but she was not having it. So I guess it’s my fault, initially.” Things spiraled out of control from there, and rumor has it Kenya directed aggression at Brandi throughout filming. 

Brandi adds that Kenya’s behavior is the ultimate reason they don’t get along. And she complains about Kenya being a gossip who stirs up trouble – case in point announcing on WWHL that Kate Gosselin was sleeping with her bodyguard during filming. “Unless you see it, why are you gossiping about it?” Brandi wonders. Although Brandi will admit of Kenya, “She’s craaaazeeee, but she’s good TV!” 

Switching gears, Brandi discusses Teresa’s legal predicaments and reveals that, despite reports to the contrary, the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star is filming with Bravo presently! 

“They’re gonna show it – they’re negotiating to show it,” Brandi asserts. “They want to and she’s getting a lot of money thrown at her to let them film right before she goes. And they’re gonna show that on TV. I think that’s important for people to see.” Brandi won’t share how she knows this information, but I’m betting it’s a source from Bravo – just a hunch! 😉  

As for Teresa’s fraud indictment, Brandi feels sympathy for the mother of four, whom Brandi believes was bamboozled by her husband. “I feel bad for Teresa, I feel bad for the kids – I think that Joe’s kind of an asshole for doing this to her.” 

“I feel for her,” Brandi continues, “because I signed anything that my husband put in front of me; I didn’t ask a question, I was just like, ‘Sure, whatever – here you go.’ I got screwed. A lot. I feel like that’s probably what happened to her as well.”

Brandi says her acrimonious divorce taught her a lot about protecting yourself and she hopes Teresa learns those lessons, as well. “You have to be an individual before you’re a couple, you have to have your own identity. When it comes to signing your name – that’s a big deal – I was signing things that I didn’t even know…” 

As for what she thinks of Teresa as a person, Brandi is a fan, but hopes Teresa gets a makeover. YES! YES! YES! “I think she’s adorable – she’s so pretty in person…” Brandi says, laughing at Teresa’s makeup. “I wish her well and I hope her family is fine – she’s been nothing but sweet to me and I’m hoping that she gets out of there fast.”

I have to say, despite all the shade she threw, I found Brandi sort of likable on the podcast. She didn’t sound as desperate or like she was trying too hard, although I still find her fake and completely untrustworthy – and hella mean! Dang there is blunt, and there is Brandi… 


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