cynthia bailey hopes she and nene leakes can be civil

Cynthia Bailey barely got the opportunity to raise her voice to a squeak during her altercation with NeNe Leakes, now Cynthia say she was just trying to command respect through telecommunication! Duh!

“Once I had the opportunity to speak at the dinner table, my only issue was respect, or me feeling the lack thereof. I did not feel like the respect that I had for NeNe and her husband was being reciprocated,” the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star explains.


NeNe “has called my husband out of his name too many times to count, and still continues to do so. Until this day, I have never disrespected her husband. I believe in boundaries, and even in anger certain lines should never be crossed,” Cynthia continues. “There is an unspoken trust and confidentiality between friends regardless of the state of the relationship.”

Responding to NeNe saying she wished Cynthia would have addressed the issues with her instead of freezing her out, Cynthia says she knew NeNe wouldn’t be receptive to a heart-to-heart no matter what their friendship contract mandates! “We stopped communicating months before we filmed the reunion; therefore a one-on-one sit down wasn’t an option.”

“If I felt like I could have called NeNe, and had my feelings and concerns met with an open mind and an open heart, I would have,” Cynthia insists in her blog. “Honesty between friends should always be appreciated, especially when it’s coming from a loving place. Friends applaud each other’s triumphs, and check each other when they are wrong.”

“As grown, successful, and professional women, I pray we can make peace through forgiveness of each other’s faults, and can arrive at a true place of support and respect for each other. I am moving forward in grace,” states Cynthia

Well amen – you move forward in grace. Hopefully that grace is a lot more elegant than the one you displayed walking in NY Fashion Week. #RobotoCynthia 

Tonight is a new episode of RHOA. Cynthia introduces us to new ‘friend’ Demetria McKinney. NeNe debuts her clothing line in Florida and Kenya meets new love interest – in the flesh – Roger Bobb only to discover Cynthia’s new friend Demetria also knows him quite well! Finally, at a launch for Demetria’s music video, Phaedra is met by a surprise guest: Apollo! AWKWARD. Next level awkward. 

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