NeNe Leakes On Breaking-Up With Cynthia Bailey; Lack Of Support From Co-Stars, And Teresa Giudice!

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NeNe Leakes wishes people would only talk about how she’s a Broadway actress (you knew that, right?), but instead everybody wants to know what’s going on with Real Housewives Of Atlanta – most specifically her ex-friendship with Cynthia Bailey, who Andy Cohen likes the best, and her relationship with Teresa Giudice

NeNe reveals that all the animosity viewers see on RHOA is legit! “The hate is real – the hate is really real,” NeNe announces. She says during her Broadway run she does not watch the show, “I don’t want to get caught up in the negativity.” Instead she relies on social media for information. 

“We have our differences but in some big instances I will be there for support. Except when it comes to supporting Detroit Public Schools. I did it out of the goodness of my heart.” NeNe reminds us that she supported Kandi‘s sex toy line, Cynthia’s Bailey Agency opening, and supporting Porsha through her divorce and issues with Kenya


As a result, none of NeNe’s RHOA castmates have seen her perform, and even though she is unsurprised, she’s not happy! “I have gotten a text from Phaedra saying she and Porsha are going to be coming next week.” The two posted instagram photos of traveling together. “It doesn’t hurt my feelings,” NeNe insists. “Working with a bunch of women it’s difficult sometimes. But not showing up… it says A LOT.” 

Oh Neenster – let it go. Let it go… oh maybe you can do a Frozen soundtrack revival after Cinderella wraps?!

“When I said the words, ‘The thirst is real,’ I was talking about a certain someone being thirsty, so thirsty, that they were willing to do anything to be around, or do anything to be in the public’s eye,” NeNe explains. NeNe started selling T-shirts with the slogan which she says has taken on “a life of its own.” 

Of course one person whose saying a lot verbally and non-verbally (and with the assistance of ‘friends’) is Cynthia! “I’m not friends with Cynthia – now or never,” NeNe emphatically states. “When you break my trust to that degree, unfortunately for me, I can’t move forward. And maybe that’s something that I need to pray about, but I honestly cannot move forward with you.”

“We never really made up,” NeNe explains to HuffPost Live, “I’m just not gonna be friends with her.” Describing being “blindsided” by Cynthia not wanting to be friends, NeNe recalls, “We shared so many things; talked about so many things… even gossiping about the other girls!” Man – I wish I could have been there for that, I love an inside scoop. LOL! 

“I just thought she would have enough respect for me to say, ‘We need to talk… this is not going well anymore,'” NeNe continues. “To me it felt like if you were dating a boyfriend and then he leads you on and on. And you come home one day, and he is like, ‘No, I moved out and I moved in with my new girlfriend.’ And you’re like, ‘What happened, I thought we were good? What did I do wrong?'” 

Changing direction, NeNe talks her felonious friend Teresa! “Teresa and I are cool,” NeNe says of their friendship. Teresa was supposed to see Cinderella on NeNe’s premiere night but because of the abundance of press decided to avoid it.

“I always say to her, ‘You have to just live your life.’ But I’m not getting ready to do what she’s getting ready to do,” NeNe continues, meaning Teresa is heading to prison, “so I don’t give advice on that.” Instead NeNe encourages Teresa to keep her head up and preserver. “I say, ‘You’re gonna be fine. And when you’re done, you’re gonna start your life back all over again. This is the beginning of your new life.'” NeNe says she plans to stay in touch with Teresa while she’s in prison and to have a “bloop” and “a thirst is real conversation” so Teresa can “bust out laughing.”  

Finally NeNe touches on the subject that she is Andy’s all-time favorite Housewife. She denies this, kinda. “I cannot say that I’m Andy’s favorite – I think Andy has a few favorites…” 

Andy and I have been together since day 1 – that’s just what it is – so he’s known me longer than he’s known any of these girls,” Nene reminds us. “I think that makes it very hard on me because he asks me tougher questions because he doesn’t want people to think he’s picking sides.” 

NeNe thinks Andy’s favorites include Bethenny and Lisa Vanderpump, “I think he likes Teresa too,” she believes. “We make him some pretty good money, so we should be his faves!” 

BTW: My favorite NeNe quote that needs to be made into a T-Shirt, “Recall THAT!” 


 [Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]