Scott Disick

Kourtney Kardashian begins this episode of Kourtney And Khloe Take the Hamptons with a little badgering session with Scott Disick urging him to visit his parents house and get it sorted out, cleaned, and possibly sold. Scott is still in a weird place and doesn’t feel ready to process the fact that his parents are actually dead. I get Kourt’s point but she needs to lay off.  Grief comes in many forms with people and you can’t push them to go through it. They just deal with it when they are ready to deal with it.
However, the next day Kourt and Scott hop in the car and cruise around his old neighborhood where he grew up.  They do a drive-by of some chick’s house that was Scott’s first kiss when he was 12 (and in tasteful Scott manner, calls her a whore) and he discovers that he’s not in the mood to deal with this now.  Later that evening, he confesses to Kourt that although he hates to leave her solo out in the Hamptons – he needs to get back to LA for work opportunities (still confused what he does exactly, but I digress).  Surprisingly, Kourt is very un-Kourt like and is mellow with her reaction to the news. She’s totally cool with him heading back to LA but not before they make a trip to a childhood favorite of Scott’s family, Fire Island.  He reluctantly agrees so we’ll see where this takes us. 


Meanwhile, the Dash Hamptons pop-up store needs some staff asap.  So Malika, Khloe’s BFF and who also apparently runs the Melrose DASH store, brings out their top salesgirl, Durrani.  Side note: Khloe Kardashian plays with her hair SOOOOOO much each episode, I can’t even handle it.  Anyway, Khloe and Kourt decide to rent a house for the DASH “dolls” (gross, what the??) while they are working for the summer.  Khloe pays a visit to the house to say hi to Durrani and good god it is painful to hear hear her talk. I cannot believe she is a top seller of ANYTHING.  If Durrani is the benchmark for DASH sales goals, then I give up.  I officially give up at life.  If this actually happens where the Durrani’s in the world are considered amazing in business, I’m lighting my Economics degree on fire as we speak.

French Montana

Off the heels of Scott breaking the news that he’s heading back to LA, Kourt invites Pastor Rich and his wife to the Hamptons to spend a couple days with their family.  Mostly, to be a positive role model for Scott.  Once they arrive to the house, everyone says their hellos (Even French Montana (aka Mumbles going forward) walks in and subtitles an introduction).  The time they spend with Pastor Rich and his wife appears to be endearing and sincere and it looks like it brings out a great side of Kourt and Scott (for once!). 

The next day, Khloe lets Kourt know that Bruce has a favor to ask.  Kris Jenner notes that Bruce NEVER asks for anything (which I believe) but he would like the girls to hire a friend’s daughter temporarily for the summer at DASH Hamptons.  They cave in and hire this girl, Caroline, even though they already have enough staff for the store.  Remember people that Durrani is supposed to be the star employee so we need to cut Caroline some slack.  Since the store is fully staffed with Durranis, Kourt has Caroline help out at the house instead.  Caroline is a trooper and she realizes that having the opportunity to get her foot in the door she is not above any grunt work and willingly starts shredding papers and other odd things around the house. 

Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons

Now off to Fire Island!!!  Kourt, Khloe, Malika and Scott make the drive to Fire Island to reminisce about his childhood and visit his grandparent’s former house.  Once they arrive, Scott finds their house and decide to take tour inside.  En route, a few of the townies heckle the gang calling them “trash” from their balconies.  This is actually trashy in and of itself, but damn it feels good to see that happen at the same time.  Post tour, they head over to Cherry Grove to judge a drag show contest and Scott is feeling like that he might want to stick around in the Hamptons and enjoy the summer with Kourt and their family.  Good boy, Scott!!

The show closes with Kourtney having a quick chat with Bruce about giving the new girl, Caroline, more responsibility other than cleaning Scott‘s boat. Kourt agrees and I have to say, I was not annoyed with Kourtney at all this episode.  She seemed like a normal, functioning adult. 

Next week, it’s Khloe‘s turn on the chopping block and they confront her about jumping into a relationship with Mumbles too quickly after her divorce.  Also, they finally make it to Scott‘s parent’s house and pack up the stuff – it looks like a rough day.

Happy Holidays!!!

Recap Author: Bonnie K.


Photo Credit: E!

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