Teresa Giudice Is Officially In Prison

 Teresa And Joe Giudice Court Appearance

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is officially a federal inmate.  Teresa surrendered to Danbury Prison a little after 3 a.m., her attorney confirms.   Joe did not escort her to the prison.

Our inside sources (not the same one who confirmed that they’d heard the raid story was true..we’re no longer taking tips from that one) shared with us that most of the stories written about Teresa’s final days before heading off to serve her 15 month sentence were totally fabricated.  “So much out there about Teresa’s last days. Radar never has the right info! I can tell you first hand what’s been going on.” 

Our source shared, “These last few months have been so hard for Teresa. She has spent every second with her girls. She is heartbroken over leaving them. She is an incredible mom and so hands on. She is nervous and depressed about going Monday. She is extremely strong when she is with her kids. She doesn’t want them to carry any of this burden. But, once they are in bed she is a sobbing mess. Her girls are her life. The thought of being away from them is too much.” 

As far as her Gorga family goes, “Teresa hasn’t seen her brother or Melissa to date. They did not see each other during the holiday season. Teresa has completely shut them out.  She is not leaning on Joey or Melissa at all! She only wants her husband caring for the girls. She has a lot of support and help but, needs Joe to become the primary parent now so the children can cope better.  Teresa is also worried about her dad.” 

The source adds, “She is human. She is scared. She is depressed. She cries. She is going to miss her girls beyond words. It’s such a sad day in their family. 4 innocent and beautiful little girls have to suffer the wrath of all of this.” 

I have no doubt we will be seeing Teresa early next year.  It’s a long time away, but what do you think her first move after prison will be? 

Gia’s girl-group posted this photo on Instagram last last, captioning it “Love to our G and Tre.”


Photo Credit: Kena Betancur/Getty Images  and Instagram