Teresa Giudice’s Lawyer Speaks Out; Might Be Home From Prison For Christmas

Teresa Giudice Christmas

It looks like Teresa Giudice might not be spending the whole year of 2015 in federal prison.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s lawyer spoke out this morning about Teresa’s last hours as a free woman and when we can expect her back home with her family. 

Teresa will have to serve at least 85% of her 15 months, so her attorney James J. Leonard Jr. shared this morning that she may be out by year’s end.  “We project she will be home sometime before Christmas.”

Teresa’s attorney thinks that her stint will make her stronger in the end.  “Teresa’s only concern going into the prison was that of her four children.  She never once discussed how this was going to affect her, only how it was going to affect them. Teresa is very strong and I believe she will emerge from this entire experience stronger.”

Well, her time in Danbury will be pretty cush compared to what we see portrayed on TV and in movies as far as prison goes.  Teresa is at one of the low security prisons referred to as a “Club Fed.”  A look at Teresa’s commissary list for Danbury reveals she can even do a little clothes shopping – and what a bargain they are!  She can spend up to $300+ a week on goodies like Oreos and Dove bars and sweat pants for just $20!  She can even purchase MP3 players and more.  Check out the document below.   

Edited to add: Our writer Melissa pointed out that the attorney’s math is off.  85% of 15 months would be roughly 12 months and 3 weeks. That takes Teresa to the end of January. 

Here is her attorney speaking out this morning:

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Danbury’s Commissary list:


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